Funny cat vs. Funny dog – Love each other?

Funny Cats vs. Funny Dogs. Who’s the Tolerant one? Best Dog and Cat Video Footage – “Wait til’ the End for the Cat look” – Chance Buell’s great pets! Comedy. Funny Cat and Crazy Dog.

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  1. sainttuber says:

    Not tonight baby…. May be later, if you take out the garbage, and fix the roof. Meow.. Come and get some…

  2. sainttuber says:

    I’ll tell you why you ain’t gettin any tonight. Do you remeber that time, you forgot our aniversary? You know what you need to do……..You need to go to “Jared”. Make sure it’s at least 2 carats.

  3. vansuzy says:

    ooh so cute x

  4. ProjectHaloCharlotte says:

    awww so cute pup and kit love so cute

  5. luckyone118 says:

    Poor dog, he just wanted to be friends…really great video. i know deep down they are probably best buds – right?
    see the cat and crow are friends video.
    neat friendship.

  6. TheLittleMusicDo says:

    poor cat the dog trying to bite its ear off

  7. sparky333441k says:

    this is adorable!!! like on 0:54, poochie was like “come on babie, I love you” and she was totally like “umm hello? coming on to strong buddy? im out.”

  8. qzwxs58 says:

    Love story of cat and dog will cat accept

  9. Spookychik says:

    thats kinda cute

  10. daonfpe says:

    I think dogs like the smell of cat breath.
    It’s cute. I know people who like the smell
    both dog and cat breath. Heck, I even like the smell of both dog and cat breath. It’s cute! (smells like taking old air out of a tire!)
    Anyone love the smell of tire air breath!

  11. MrBrooks8888 says:

    awwwwwwwwwwww…..”now eat it”!!! D=<

  12. nooeyecrazy says:

    cat say dont touch me bitch !

  13. kylaleanlo says:

    i like big catssssssssssss

  14. StabRipStabFace says:

    lol the dog well wants a piece of the cat 😉

  15. 33Djinn says:

    Dog trying to dominate the cat–getting physically higher, paw on her. He was moderately successful.

  16. TheFireDreams says:

    that´s true love ahaha

  17. Carolegrandgalopdu94 says:

    Szegény kis kutya!!!!!

  18. RobertT207709 says:


  19. MsLittleFameMonster says:

    Haha angry pussy xD

  20. redpillow100 says:

    the dog was looking at the cats . poor cat. get the dog muted before the cat gets rapped!

  21. 2079423644 says:

    Poor kitteh – sToOpid mutt.

  22. yoshisuniverse says:

    That’s how i feel at the clubs..

  23. starsgirlie22 says:

    the dog’s like “ok, my turn to sit on the chair! get off!”

  24. Superfirefox1996 says:

    Oh wow…

  25. 722erodz says:

    lol : D cute : ]

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