New Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween can be fun for your pet, too!

Just keep these few tips in mind

  1. Chocolate,raisins and macadamia nuts can be toxic to your dog. Keep the treat bowl out of your dog’s reach and put away the kids loot bag when they return from trick or treating.
  2. If your dog is going to wear a costume, practice wearing it ahead of time so he can get used to it. Make sure it is comfortable and has no parts that can be chewed on or choked on.
  3. Let your dog get used to your kid’s costumes also. Costumes and masks can scare your pet and may lead to accidental dog bites.
  4. Get your pet used to the door bell ringing. All the kids visiting your door can frighten your pet. Practice with the neighbor kids at ringing the door bell and make the dog sit quietly in after they have barked a few times.
  5. Teach your dog not run out the door when the door is opened. Halloween has the highest incidence of lost dogs. Make sure your dog has ID tags on him and perhaps even have him microchipped in case he should escape.
  6. Have a safe and quiet place available. If Halloween is still too much for your dog, create a safe and quiet place for him to stay during all of the activity.

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