My cute & happy pet rats

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These are my beloved rats Giselle, Miss Lilly, Elizabeth and Lolly.

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  1. salatieldafer says:

    It is really hard, but every time I adopt a new one joy blooms from my heart. I have my days of grief! oh, I cry a LOT, but eventually I let go. The relationship we have with rats is completely different of the ones we have with dogs and cats. I am an animal lover, but I can’t explain how special rats are. Only who had them know what I am talking about. I am pretty sure you know…

  2. 123peeandpoo says:

    AWW! look at my videos for more cute rats 🙂 xxx

  3. Crezelda says:

    i LOVE the neck pouch! mine has learned the bad habbit of clambering down my shirt into my bra

  4. morticialovely says:

    they look so happy ehehe

  5. FlowerCinderella says:

    They are so cute <3

  6. djamstadam says:

    @redtulip11 i agree its VERY hard when they leave us…

  7. lilah66 says:

    @salatieldafer I know exactly what you are talking about. I own cats and rats and the love I have for my rats is totally different. Time almost slows down around them so we can truly enjoy our time with them. I to have cried A LOT over my babies dieing but I will never stop having them they are tooo cute and super terrific. Good for you for continuing to have rats!

  8. salatieldafer says:

    Right now I have none. Lolly, my oldest, passed away last month. I had shoulder surgery and I still can’t clean cages, so I have to wait 1-2 more months to recover. My home is so weird without them! There is NOTHING like the love or a rat. Hopefully by the end of this Summer I’ll adopt another bunch. I can’t wait!! Nice talking to you. ♥

  9. dreamera1 says:

    the beginning was a bit disturbing

  10. MsLouiseBohmer says:

    They are such calming little creatures. Remind you what wonderful things come in small packages. 🙂

  11. salatieldafer says:

    @MsLouiseBohmer Yes, you are right. So small, so full of joy. The bring the best of me… 🙂

  12. Geri5088 says:

    Rats! Big personalities in little bodies. Love em

  13. RSLTKK says:

    I love how human-like these little guys can be (:
    I had a baby rat that would just follow me everywhere

  14. dingdong516 says:

    Where did you get your rats? Is it ok to get them from Petland? Some people say they don’t take good care of their animals

  15. salatieldafer says:

    I never buy my rats. There are hundreds of abandoned rats that need a home. You can find them in animal shelters or local rescue groups. Mine are from Rattie Ratz, California. Go to the rat fan club web site and ask Debbie, “the rat lady” where is the best place to get yours. I only adopt seniors but there are lots of babies that need a home as well. Good luck!

  16. james55802 says:

    Little rats are such BIG lovers 🙂

  17. Moonstripe10 says:

    i always wonder…
    how can people hate these cute little rodents?!
    its impossible for me!

  18. salatieldafer says:

    Agree 100%. Rats are the most misunderstood animals I think…

  19. susb8383 says:

    @salatieldafer Hi, where did you get your neck pouch? Did you make it or buy it? I’ve been looking for one like it for my ratties but haven’t found one. Thanks.

  20. salatieldafer says:

    @susb8383 I bought it at ratfanclubdotorg . Click on MERCHANDISE. She has pouches for Winter and Summer and they cost $10 each. Rats LOVE it, they feel safe.

  21. susb8383 says:

    OH!!! That’s so funny. I just joined the ratfanclub last week in the hopes of finding this pouch because I saw a picture of Barbara Henderson on the web with one and I read that she is a member. I was trying to figure out how to email her to ask where she got it (before I saw your video). But I didn’t even notice the merchandise button on their site!

    I’ll definitely get one. Thanks!!

  22. MeTheDragonfly says:

    Your rats are sooo adorable! haha, and I love their names!!

  23. aliceinwonderlandx says:

    Such cute rats 🙂
    its so great seeing other people who love rats 🙂

  24. cc2u4u says:

    your rats are really preety! i cant wit to get a pair of my own! pluss ive done so much research itss crazy!

  25. taerazebra says:

    I have a rat named Lilly who looks just like your Lilly … (if your Lilly has black eyes)