Romeo’s Law is about protecting people as much as it is animals.

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  1. rwdvm says:

    Yeah, but not like one the President uses, it is a teleptompter software program that scrolls on my computer.

  2. AtotheLplusICE says:

    Thats cute they stamped his paw. I didn’t even know this happened. You rare hear about stuff like this.

  3. SheSaidGleeba says:


  4. rjameschristopher says:

    Media barely covers this type of stuff because they don’t consider it important. shame

  5. larouoin says:

    Yo son, you gotta be careful with opinions. people on yt will eat you up. Lol just brush em off and dont even waste time on arguments.

  6. bryanchambers15 says:

    u got ur own clinic?

  7. rwdvm says:

    That is wise advice. I really should respond only to people wanting to have a legimate alternate point of view or constructive criticism, offer good advice or support, and ignore the ones just out to cause trouble.

    Thank you for your support.

  8. rwdvm says:

    Yes. I have been practicing total for 8 years, have my own hospital for the past 5years. Or I should say, the bank owns it and I will in 10 years when the mortgage is paid off. Lol.

  9. SilverStory26 says:

    Pretty insane. Good commentary

  10. lynmato says:

    Oh how do they sleep at night

  11. excusers says:

    They’ll burn in hell. No worries.

  12. danielleerika says:

    Do you have the links to these studies? I can write about it

  13. leencobs says:

    Ugh I hate M Vick. HE is getting cheered so much now.

  14. vignati5 says:

    People do forget bad things quickly

  15. perswor says:

    Hi blog website sites the sources

  16. renesse5 says:

    And the winner for the cutest vet this year is….

  17. derbana0 says:

    You know whats funny. Michael Vick fans are obnoxious. That should tell you something

  18. mixicio says:

    Good show man

  19. sherdlik says:

    I like mike im not obnoxious. That was an obnoxious statetement

  20. 08herlor says:

    Ye what the hell! Business must be GOOD haha

  21. ElineCourt says:

    Especially dogs 🙂

  22. amaxwell41 says:

    joke is eh, the rest is good

  23. krabler456 says:

    Keep doing what you do brotha

  24. rwdvm says:

    Sorry about that – the joke may have been better if the delivery wasnlt so weak! Lol!

  25. rwdvm says:

    Business was great when I go tthe pool – now, not so much. The recession has done a number on our industry as well.