Guinea Pig Kung-Fu

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It’s a funny video about a guinee pigin the pet shop. Enjoy it. The new Jackie Chan 😀

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  1. whitewolfgirl194 says:

    it’s a t.v. commercial for blockbuster.

  2. sweetheartqq says:

    i loved these blockbuster comerxials!

  3. serenity713 says:

    sanrei, dont ya think its a little to fat and big for beeing a hamster?

  4. galvatorix666 says:

    “Did u just whack me with a carrot?” *snaps paws* *ninja mice jumping in* hahahaha!! thats the funniest dialog & scene

  5. KittyKissies says:

    try dragging it… faster!

  6. awaba9 says:

    awaba9 watched this

  7. duckypimp says:

    haha i miss those comercials
    i kaint spail

  8. PBKellySandwich says:

    Thats SO AWESOME! I LOVE BUNNYS! *****

  9. niiincheenx3 says:

    that is very funny!!

  10. viedotape3 says:

    are u sure clicking this thing will get us online? no…. try draggin it…..FASTER! heres the problem we forgot to plug it in… NO don’t even think about it!

  11. XPRODIGlOX says:

    ahhaahhaaaahahahahahaahhaah wanned to get online with the mouse XD

  12. soboredimadethis says:

    I love the ninja mice

  13. freakshow179 says:

    LOL omg this is hilarious!!! i am totally thinking about putting this on my page! LOL totally funny good job!

  14. neogurl3 says:

    i miss these blockbuster comercials so they were so funny

  15. aztec1245 says:

    i love guinea pigs!!!this was funny!

  16. LittleSong88 says:

    HAHA I LOVE THIS! i have seen it before! 🙂

  17. LittleSong88 says:


  18. nicegirl37 says:

    BTW it’s Guinea Pig not guinee pig

  19. DJsAiNoR says:

    HAHA OMG! i laughed so hard i almost fell off my chair xD

  20. PrincessFalkon says:

    0:10… lol xDDDD

  21. Honeyfrost16 says:

    Did you just whack me with a carrot!!! lol

  22. Rabbishlover says:


  23. Rabbishlover says:

    Where’s the screen they are supposed to look at?!? The camera?!? LOL! I remember seeing these commercials all the time!

  24. zackversus94 says:


  25. Rabbishlover says:

    Eep eep eep!
    I dunno. Are you sure clicking this thing will get us online?
    Eep eep eep!
    No…Try dragging it!
    Here’s the problem! We forgot to plug it in!
    NO! Don’t even think about it!