funny video – basketball dog

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basketball dog

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  1. kevk87 says:

    the next air bud

  2. eatmealiveplease says:

    @trev225 ha.. what did you want a threepoint line and a concession stand? its just a dog mate. life is simple when you are a pup.

  3. scylla24 says:

    that is one badass dog

  4. raydmond says:

    Black dog… hmmmm…

  5. datgeoboii says:

    that old guy should play for noba (national old basketball Association)

  6. TheAustinB15 says:

    u should put that on funnyest home videos lol

  7. Smlj3408 says:

    NBA 1st round pick

  8. 00000000000000o0 says:

    motherfucker kush don kar ?

  9. JPidoitforthemoney says:

    The behind-the-back pass from grandpa to a dog for the dunk is what got me.

  10. KimmoKuopio says:


    I think the basket is too low ?

  11. CB4toJO says:


  12. ZequeZ1 says:


  13. benmunoz93 says:

    So my neighbor jkljkl523 just told me how he started dunking, he s shorter than me, he s only 5 6 but jumps over 9 inches higher! Apparently he followed the program over at 50 inch vertical (dot) com and increased over 15 inches in his vertical leap!

    funny video – basketball dog

  14. ragnarbloodaxe1 says:

    can you say retired ith time on your hands? lol pretty good though

  15. ragnarbloodaxe1 says:


  16. rosekelly0611 says:

    i would like 2 see the dog play against n nba player

  17. laurenchambers49 says:


  18. neilnelson4809 says:

    #VIDEOPOSTERID# blah man, this vid is why I watch NBA perhaps even with its flaws. I’m completing this workout system that’s utilized even by NBA players – 50 inch vertical (dot) com – I’m already jumping higher and leading my team on the court!

    funny video – basketball dog

  19. neilnelson4809 says:

    #VIDEOPOSTERID#, is 5 10, white and can dunk. what do you mean white guys can t jump? It s (just|simply|all)# about the training people do to get their vertical leap to be strong enough to dunk. For me, I just used the training program over at | 50 inch vertical [dot] com |

  20. jeffreyknowl0971 says:

    jkljkl523 I’m only 5 6 and I dunk nonstop. I m in my high school’s varsity team and my dunking wows everyone (the girls haha). It was honestly really simple, I just used the nba training program over at | 50 inch vertical [dot] com | – I m sure you can probably do it too

  21. TheFireMaster3000 says:

    ineresting to

  22. fruitbosco says:

    unbelievable!!!!!!!the dog is amazingly smart!!!congratulations to both of you, the teacher and the student!!!! 🙂

  23. rcmasterful says:

    that dog is a b4st

  24. reuie says:

    woo~ slam dunk!!!!

  25. kreativekitty3 says:

    So so so made my night watching this!