Jessica’s pet and Equine Massage

What a Life Animal Shelter is being created! Homeless/Foster kids will love and take care of the kids as much as possible! Fundraiser will be at the Hollywood Park, Horse Track, November 15, 2008 1-5pm. See NEW EMAIL ADDRESS Jessica wrote “Living an Abundant Life” with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield (from The Secret) Mark Victor Hansen, Neale Donald Walsch. Watch for the book in September 2008! Equine and Pet Massage is for animals with arthritis, lameness, injury, recovering from surgery, behavioral issues, anxiety, hip displacia. This massage is an alternative to health care in addition to vetrinary care. Cat/Dog inlocation is at The Puppy Store, Melrose and at Bam Bam & Friends in Culver City. On Location for Horse/Cat/Dog is always available. Please see for details.

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  1. chicago200160639 says:


  2. ready4jimmyc says:

    She has been massaging my 2 dogs and 2 cats for over a year now. The effect has been remarkable! I highly recommend trying it out if you love your pets.

  3. ready4jimmyc says:

    If you want to spoil your pets, you must hire her. She has done wonders for all of my li’l loved ones.

  4. bryanthoover says:

    she messages my pets too.. they love it

  5. pasta341234 says:

    My husband and I have two horses both with arthritis. We hired Jess a year ago to help them with the pain. Two words: MIRACLE WORKER. They both are noticeably stronger, faster, and more at ease. We definitely recommend her services.

  6. kennyc2000 says:

    Jessica has been massaging my cats for over two years now. They are in heaven each time she makes a visit to work on them. It feels great to give them the pampering they deserve.

  7. Moviemakr says:

    She’s great!!!

  8. dkalfas says:

    Does she teach?

  9. jessicaspetmassage says:

    Classes to heal your pet personally are held at the Bohdi Tree (Hollywood) September 6, 2008 and at The Learning Light Foundation (Anehiem) October 25, 2008. Classes to professionally massage your pet will be at Vitailty Massage School in San Diego in Septemeber.

  10. sunfirepedalpumper says:

    Nice video! Just wondering, what kind of song is that in the background? It’s kinda catchy!

  11. yeahthatsright09 says:

    really?my parent have thought about putting down my horse because they hate seeing him stiff,it really makes me sad I’m going to start trying I’m so not gonna give up in him:)

  12. Eragarev says:

    2 dogs at once? That would be tricky!

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