Pet Care : How to Potty Train Your Puppy

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Potty training a puppy requires determining the pre-potty behavior, taking the puppy outside at regular times throughout the day and offering lots of praise for desired behavior. Use consistency and positive reinforcement when potty training a dog with information from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on pet care. Expert: Marcia Martin Contact: Bio: Dr. Marcia Martin is a 1990 graduate of Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin

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  1. TheFunniProductions says:

    @nadiya1is1here Yes it is cruelty and I hate it!!!

  2. sweetprincess214 says:

    Step 1. Before you get inside your house tell your dog to pee
    Step 2. Use a command like ‘go peepee’. Do NOT say ‘hurry up’ because if you say hurry up to someone, your dog might think your talking to him and will do his business where he is.
    Step 3. When she starts doing her business do NOT talk or she’ll stop in the middle of doing her business.
    Step 3. When your dog is finished reward them and say ‘good dog’
    I hope this helped! Good Luck!!

  3. Pbuddhafull says:

    omg her ears are huge…

  4. DontKickmySocks says:

    those pups are SO cute my mom and dad said that I might be able to get another dog when i’m 14 I am going to turn 13 on 6-23-2010 and then I only have to wait a few more months until i turn 14 I don’t know where I’m gonna get my puppy either the humane society or this pet shop WE KNOW THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THE SHOP AND THEY DO NOT GET FORM PUPPY MILLS

  5. JojoTheJoCpuMaster says:

    @sweetprincess214 It actually did help thanks 🙂 I even wrote it down. lol.

  6. MrBritish96 says:

    What is up with her ears and they might be useful – to fly,Dumbo

  7. MrMarvelman17 says:

    my puppy poops in my room all the time!! ive tried everything…nothing works!!

  8. MrMarvelman17 says:

    my puppy poops in my room all the time!! ive tried everything…nothing works!!

  9. sweetprincess214 says:

    @JojoTheJoCpuMaster ur welcome! =D

  10. JojoTheJoCpuMaster says:

    @sweetprincess214 no problem.

  11. GregoryGraveyard says:

    @MrBritish96 not funny, tasteless tho

  12. cristalnicole13x says:

    this is why girls should have long hair to cover their ears .

  13. InVok3thaunknown says:

    im going get 2 puppies 4 inside in bout a week,
    i hope i can get em 2 use it outside,
    ima hate havin 2 keep cleanin up shit lol

  14. maeonaise says:

    what kind of puppies s are those?

  15. Pracaloid says:

    Have you tryied those training diapers?
    Ive heard they’re good.

  16. ieatwithjesus says:

    @lenny8900 bullshitt tell my dog that

  17. LuvCudi4ever says:

    @maeonaise i think they’re border collie

  18. indigovanityrules says:

    @Triamatria u should tell him a big nono and show him wat he did wrongsofly for he can understand

  19. JaySmooth00 says:

    @Triamatria Patience is a virtue.

  20. BostonBruins2010 says:

    @lenny8900 yes it does work… only if you catch them in the act. if you catch them peeing and stop them and yell and say no and rub their nose in it, and put them directly outside…or wherever you want them to pee… it’ll work

  21. shawna1512 says:

    @lenny8900 thats how we train our dogs, we have like 5..

  22. shawna1512 says:

    @maeonaise Beagles

  23. Falcata says:

    @Triamatria thats exactly what my dog does.. its 3 months old now

  24. skaterboarder4lyfe says:

    wtf…rubbing dogs into their own shit is just wrong, people need to go on the internet and look for books or videos, there are THOUSANDS of other better ways to train your dog without rubbing their noses into shit…im not saying its easy to train stubborn puppies, but work your ass off hard while theyre puppies and you’ll succeed cause theres NOTHING worse then having a non house trained teen dog.

  25. hinatavilla88 says:

    lol my mom was all mean wit my chihuahua she slapped him (that pissed me off) but now hes all trained and wen i say lets go he runs to the door leadin outside lol its so cool! XD