Tom Chaplin (Keane) “Your Funny Uncle” (Pet Shop Boys)

► (Please watch video in HQ) A cover of the Pet Shop Boys song, by Keane’s Tom Chaplin. ABOUT THIS MUSIC VIDEO: After hearing Tom Chaplin’s cover of this song, I heard it in my head as if it were from over 70 years ago, so I remixed and edited it as such. Complete with vinyl noise, skips and scratches. I then took archival, public domain footage from the period of 1935-1940s and tried to find imagery that would be dominant at the time period, with a bittersweet tone. You can find the original video on the official Keane YouTube Channel here: “Your Funny Uncle” is a 1989 B-Side to the single “It’s Alright” from the 1988 Pet Shop Boys album “Introspective”. The original song only appears as a bonus track on the single release. The audio of this video was remixed, by me, taken from a video of Tom Chapin, lead singer of Keane playing the song solo on piano. The original song sung by Tom Chapin and/or Keane, does not exist, and is not available for sale. This was completely inspired and no copyright infringement intended. If you like the song, please download the original song “Your Funny Uncle (2001 Digital Remaster)” by The Pet Shop Boys at: YOUR FUNNY UNCLE Music and Lyrics by The Pet Shop Boys Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant A windy day The cars in slow formation Not far away A final destination One mother’s son His father’s distant gaze, regretting Where they went wrong? He always found it too upsetting Me and my friend We lived our lives

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  1. Ramshead says:

    Beautifully done!

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