Pet Stars Performance- Sandra Davis & Pepper

A MUST SEE funny dog video!!! Pepper, the dog, imitates a bull excellently for animal planet. Enjoy the video! REMEMBER: THE EXIT TO THIS VIDEO IS THAT NICE ORANGE “SUBSCRIBE” BUTTON IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER. Subscribe, and get many enjoyable videos!

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  1. thechopinfan says:

    OMG! First comment on my own video!!! Hehehe.

  2. rickcaran says:

    Hey Sandra! Great job! You and Pepper have a great act and a wonderful bond! Keep up the great work! Rick Caran and Jilli Dog.

  3. lastCyberElla says:

    hahaha That was so cute and funny! :X

  4. glassygirlpet says:

    nice very nice 🙂

  5. denn786 says:

    really nice great JOB. I LUV IT!

  6. delicatethings says:


  7. Salmayka says:


  8. oldbuspasses says:

    Border collies are SOOOOO smart! i love them!

  9. maryjo313 says:

    One of my favorite freestyle routines, just so well executed and perfect for the theme!

  10. kat32785 says:

    Pepper is like hyper and its too cute!!!

  11. April1350 says:

    he’s like a bull-following red

  12. haxelex says:

    That dog’s a better dancer than I am 😛

  13. silverponylover999 says:


  14. kerrybluelori says:

    BARF!!! Encountered this woman at a fun match and found her to be hyper-bitch. Am quitting this venue until she leaves.

  15. R0CKSTUFF says:

    woooooooooow that is soooo coool!!!!!!

  16. 015378 says:

    lovin this video!! leave me a comment

    im bored on cam sX

  17. Saanyooo says:

    I love it! 😉

  18. MathildeXEma says:

    Thank you very much!Great!

    Lilly with Alin

  19. WolfLuvar15 says:

    LOL Man I remember this video I was shocked at her performance…no not the woman’s the dog’s
    I thought it was both cute and cool and I still think that but sadly I forgot who won in this show but for some reason I think it was pepper but who knows.

  20. yvonneDugay says:

    What is the name of the music that Pepper performs to in this video on Pet Star? It is so familar to me

  21. yvonneDugay says:

    What is the name of the music played that pepper performs to on Pet Star? It is so familiar to me

  22. ciscokidd08 says:

    i remember this…i so thought that dog shoulda won but i think a talking parrot did pft

  23. ivanpuge says:

    very nice! its cute to see animals imitate other animals

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