Dog Health Problems : Common Canine Eye Problems

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Common eye problems in dogs include bacterial infections, glaucoma, nuclear sclerosis or ulcers. Find out how to treat common eye problems in dogs with help from a veterinarian in this free video on dog eye problems. Expert: Robert T. Pane Contact: Bio: Robert T. Pane, DVM is a veterinarian in Miami, Fla. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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  1. dcutiebird2 says:

    3/3 She had somthing similer to this happen when she was 2 and was playing ball with my brother. He bent down as she was running to him and she accidentaly hit him with her eye area with his noes. She is now about 18 years old.
    What can I do to help the eye heal?

  2. dcutiebird2 says:

    2/3The second eye lid is covering part of her eye. Some times less and some times more depending on what direction she is looking. But it is never more then half way over the eye. Its not causing any kind of discomfert. I have not seen her rubbing her eye and it does not seam to be painfull. She can still see out of that eye. Today there is a little bit of moisture at the corner of the eye

  3. dcutiebird2 says:

    1/3 My dog is having some kind of eye problem. Its her right eye, (I don’t know what its called) but I will can it her second eye lid. Because that is what it seams like it is to me