Dog stuck in a hot car – What to do. pet health

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Here are some tips of what you should do if you see a dog stuck in a car on a hot day. Hosted by Cassandra Reed of Animal Planet’s “Groomer Has It”. “what to do” pet health

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  1. kendrahostetler says:

    I once saw a dog in the mall parking lot that was in obvious distress. i was just ready to break the car window when the owner came out. I was livid and went off on the guy. security ended up calling the police and I was almost arrested! The girl is right, that its best to leave immediately after the incident is over. emotions are high.

  2. 2lkjnbv says:

    I cant believe some people are still stupid enough to leave their dogs in the car – or kids. come to think of it. jeeze.

  3. PantherCamaro says:

    If I see a dog suffering in a car I will break the window to let the dog out and there will be a big confrontation and maybe a beating for the owner

  4. JaysThoughts says:

    Let the dog die. Al Gore would say that’s the green thing to do as it is only emitting TOXIC CO2!!