Funny Horse Blooper

Oldenburg mare has no patience during feeding time, thinks she owns the barn, and has us always laughing! ** Please know that all music is playing in the barn, as she acts out her tantrum! 🙂 We will be posting her “series of funny horse events”! Enjoy!

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  1. ilovepreciousjim says:

    hahaha thats tooo funny!!=)

  2. hellybelly6 says:

    My horse does this too and when he was caught doing it, stopped and looked innocent and then continued again when he thought nobody was looking! Dumb animals, I think not!!!

  3. xjumpforjoyx says:

    Haha bless her shes beautiful. I think you may have to invest in a kick bolt haha.

  4. ccpunky1 says:


  5. battousaiblade says:

    smart horse
    made me giggle

  6. jumpermarkie says:

    smart horse haha my horse dose that to i have to put 3 locks and a halter around his gate to pervent him from getting out

  7. GreetjeEnRocky says:

    Smart horse!!
    en in de avond, dan kan ie ook ontsnappen
    I’m dutch..:D

  8. tanjexlovex says:

    Amezing hors

  9. ArabianPegasus says:

    lol. One time a horse named Handsom opened his stall and EVERY OTHER HORSE’S STALL IN THE BARN. Good grief xD

  10. GoatBlaat says:

    @ArabianPegasus That’s a smart horse, even though the situation wasn’t that funny for you I think. XD

  11. horseloversanne says:

    it’s not real funny

  12. xUniquelyCommonx says:

    Time for a better latch, lol.

  13. TheGreatWildGirls says:

    Ha ha so hungry! LOL

  14. TheGreatWildGirls says:

    @ horseloversanne yes it really is

  15. theyatemahlaser says:

    is the music just for sound or is it to soothe some of the horses?

  16. theyatemahlaser says:

    my horse holly didthat one time.shes the only horse without a barred stall and so she went and opend her door and then went to all the other horses stall latches letting them out too! good thing they cld only get to the pasture.

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