littlest pet shop bully school (Episode 21)

heres #21

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  1. milkachoo8 says:

    @PetShopGirl111 well i used to research about dogs too!!!!! but since i know alot of them i dont do that anymore………. but i can do it today! =D lol!

  2. MeerkatGirl789 says:

    I have the same dog at 1:21.

  3. Catwoman98pa says:

    Hey! Not to be rude but when the momma cat said Beep! Uh ya, thats MY thing! U cant go just stealing our BEEPS!!!!!!!

  4. kennakat24 says:

    Crystal must be really mad. I love this one.

  5. funnyandstupid13 says:

    u ment ass a?

  6. marinalovesbulldogs says:

    margerta is freckin mean!!!!

  7. Loverchic99 says:

    hey In our version can the chihuahua can be nice?

  8. wellingtonfarm1 says:

    how did the mum get out of the cage and where did the rabbit,dog and mouse come from?

  9. randomgirl542 says:

    um…wheres margarita’s mom?!

  10. randomgirl542 says:

    wow! ass!

  11. lpswow says:

    so long!!!!!!!!

  12. cutiepie2404 says:


  13. 423star says:

    Hey my i do the same thing and dedicated to you?

  14. 423star says:

    @PetShopGirl111 ok thanks! 😉

  15. mjoiner7 says:


  16. Andzelika2555 says:

    weee go crystal !

  17. horselover8421 says:


  18. mrfiggleable says:

    awesome! you should make some police force series or something

  19. girlintheflesh78 says:

    lol she landed perfectly!

  20. 2fireski2 says:

    crystil, nice speech

  21. butterfly3301 says:

    WE SET YOU UP……wel exept for the school part……. BUT WE SET U UP

  22. Cutey5001 says:

    i love this series i think it’s a series

  23. tattyteddyx1 says:

    why did she leave were did she goooooooooo i wanna knowww
    and beep lolzlolz

  24. goofey4ag says:

    sweet dreams CREEP

  25. lily678100 says:

    if they were fight crystal and margarita then they woulnt be quiet

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