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  1. amrish1439 says:

    Nice demonstration, unbelieveable but real, thank u maggiee, lots of kisses to u n ur trainer.

  2. branco445 says:


  3. lioxnelix93 says:

    maggie pie xD

  4. DeniseR79 says:

    unbelievable, can i borrow maggie, my kids would love a good math tutor, just kidding, very smart dog, way to go maggie.

  5. Dickydang35 says:

    bilivey – Cause we’re stupid! haha..

  6. ADMediaEmpire says:

    @blivey Cause you’d eventually live alone cause no man wants a controlling bitch :] That’s where the female dog term comes from :]

  7. ADMediaEmpire says:


  8. foreverguineapigs says:

    my dog cant do that 🙁

  9. alh91297 says:

    my dog only know sit and down i wish she could also count

  10. BigBadNightWolf says:

    hmmm… i find it a LITTLE odd that most of the numbers were the same, perhaps there is a signal involved? in any case the wait trick is impressive, ill have to see if i can get my bindii to do that.

  11. 17arcano says:

    my dog could sing

  12. BIGGJOON1 says:

    Awesome my aunties dog can say I luv u!

  13. ThePlasma074 says:

    @VERB65 xDDDDD

  14. VERB65 says:

    @ThePlasma074 whats xDDDDD… sorry I don’t know pc talk

  15. ThePlasma074 says:

    @VERB65 Can he still be trained to at least stop taking a shit on my bed? (i laugh on this) xD

  16. abdu2s says:

    @VERB65 LAWL DUDE . just take him out on regular basis , almost all dogs tend to poo when they first wake up . and they’ll start sniffing and circling when they r ready to go!

  17. Hero00 says:

    we r too epic to be tamed, hmmm yesss indeed

  18. diamondsarepink313 says:

    @VERB65 Oh My I hope your kidding, but in the case you are not indeed kidding, yes it can be trained, or shaped. look at kikopups youtube.

  19. aniket59051 says:

    superb man superb awesome maggi well done

  20. kardtable says:

    how did he do it? multiplication addition subtraction . ..This is mind boggling.

  21. haiwayne says:

    whos the male judge in the middle?? hes funy

  22. 0rni0nd0 says:

    when the woman blinks, the dog knows when to stop “counting”

  23. TheBuddha2be says:

    Hey man love your videos. I’m having a real hard time trying to teach my puppy to walk on leash. I use her favorite treats that she goes crazy for on a regular basis, but as soon as I put on the leash and collar I get zero response. She just sits there, very stubborn and does not respond to anything, no movement. Any help is appreciated thank you.

  24. museman123 says:

    @blivey because your vagina is daunting

  25. Lionlovedanger says:

    how can i train my stupid 6 months dog

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