Some Ideas to Help Your Dog Cope with Boredom

Air Kong Squeaker Bone Dog Toy LargeWhile everyone is off to school or work, your dog may be left alone all day. While most dogs snooze the day away, when they do wake up, it helps if you left a little entertainment for them. Face it, it doesn’t take much to entertain a dog, but if you did not leave anything for them to do, they very well may find something else, like a couch leg or cushion, to keep them occupied during the day.

Dog Toys

Dogs and puppies love toys. Toys that squeak, toys that tug and toys to fetch. Since you are away during the day, the tug toys and fetch balls won’t be of much value. But there are a few toys that can keep your puppy entertained.Kong Stuff'N Snaps for Kong Toys PEANUT

My favorite toys are the Kong Toys. Virtually indestructible, the Kong Toys have a hollow center that you can fill with treats or peanut butter and can keep your dog occupied. My dog loves the Air Kong Squeakers and can’t wait for us to come home so he can annoy us with his squeaking. Interactive toys like the Buster Cube can also help entertain your pooch.

Swap out the toys every few days to keep your dog’s interest.

Avoid toys that can be torn apart or the stuffing ripped out. Some dogs can swallow or choke on these type of toys.
Buster Food Cube Large
Chew Toys

Large rawhides or wrapped rawhides can also keep your dog occupied and away from the furniture. Be wary of smaller rawhides with the knots on the ends. Some dogs may chew to the knot and then try to swallow the end and choke. Pressed rawhide or dental chews work well.

Never give real bones. They can fracture teeth, or splinter and be swallowed. There have also been reports of Salmonella food poisoning from improperly prepared bones. The same is true for the cow hooves. I have had many dogs fracture their pre-molars crunching on the hooves.

Hide and Seek

Scatter some dog treats, kibble or raw vegetables around your yard or house. Dogs are natural foragers and will seek out the treats you have hidden around the yard and house. You can also hide their favorite squeaky toy and they will try to find it while you are away.

Music or Television

Some people have left their televisions on the nature channel to entertain their dog. Some people believe that certain classical music also has a calming affect. Try a few channels yourself to see if your dog responds. Creature Comforts is a CD especially created to keep your pet calmer while you are away.

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