The Best Dog Food in The World

Puppy Care 101 puppy training academy for a well behaved puppy

Visit Author of “Real Food For Dogs” Dan Scott, talks about which is the best dog food to feed your pet and why.

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  1. danscott888 says:

    @KRSchannel Hi, No cooking at all period. All the live nutrients your dog needs come from plain as day uncooked raw meat, bone and a small amount of vegetable matter, thats it.

  2. godsfiddler says:

    @danscott888 I meant to ask if I should thaw the tripe before feeding it, or feed it frozen, and where do I get it? Thanks a million! You are a lifesaver. You can tell your wife you are a lifesaver!

  3. danscott888 says:

    @godsfiddler Thanks for the kind words, I’ll tell her…
    For the tripe look online for suppliers of frozen green tripe or check locally through pet shops. Comes in 1lb blocks, just defrost in a tupperware container fridge 24hrs, on shelf same day or in sink/hot water 1-3 hours and serve… eaten with relish by dogs and excellent all round nutrient laden carnivore food.

  4. deathstarlover says:

    good dog food = higher price. get over it people! Do you want ur dog to be healthier and have a good and long life or not?!

  5. danscott888 says:

    @deathstarlover Generally thats right although depending on how active you want to be it’s possible to build a stock of cheap natural dog food following tips I mention in the book. Also if your just ordering online and paying more than you would for commercial packets and cans down at the local store, it’s still far cheaper long term when you have a fit healthy dog needing veterinary services rarely (thats where the real pain is-emotionally and financially).
    Kibble & Canned food is bad for dogs.

  6. deathstarlover says:

    @danscott888 uh – huh okay

  7. GuideToSolutions4U says:

    whats the best one for maltese1 year old?

  8. danscott888 says:

    @GuideToSolutions4U Hi, it’s the same for all dogs just the amounts change. You gotta get into your mind whats the natural food for the ‘canine’ and this is essentially raw meat on the bone… it’s fresh, un-preserved raw goodness that delivers all the essential nutrients to your dogs body to keep it very very healthy with a strong immune system. So in your case chicken necks, wings, thighs a bit of lamb breast, sardine, tripe, ox tail, pork belly etc. ALL raw, leave the bone in goodness. Go4it.

  9. KBenjamin87 says:

    i was wndering if you can tell me a really good site to get my raw dog food diet delivered to my house

  10. danscott888 says:

    @KBenjamin87 Hi, where are you based?

  11. MrLolypop55 says:

    I wish people would listen to him because its true – period.

  12. danscott888 says:

    @MrLolypop55 Thanks for chiming in. Thankfully for dogs they are listening in ever incresing numbers… The message is getting through.

  13. MrLolypop55 says:


  14. danscott888 says:

    @MrLolypop55 Hi, two types of mange-Demodectic and Sarcoptic. The first all dogs carry and a stressed immune system brings it on in the form of skin damage. A natural ‘real’ food diet brings about balance and clears this problem up quickly.
    The second is a bug caught from other dogs or for example local foxes leaving traces in the undergrowth your dog is playing in. In this case I use Neem oil rubbed in all over and washed off-bugs dead! Awesome natural product for any skin bugs on humans/dogs.

  15. lizsy775 says:

    are my dogs’ seizures caused by his diet?

  16. danscott888 says:

    @lizsy775 Hi, please give me more background information, diet, medical history, drugs used, vaccination history, other health issues and general mental wellbeing of your dog ie any phobias or odd behavior. How often are the seizures, severity, drugs used ect.

  17. lizsy775 says:

    I have only had Toto for a year so most of the health history I know is from his Previous owner
    -almost 5 years old
    -Born with kennel cough
    -Has had seizures since he was a pup
    -his mental well being is okay, most of the time I would say he has some trauma from his previous owner because the owner was basically a dog abuser, she would threaten him with a knife, she would feed him pizza when he was overweight or he would be underweight because she wouldn’t feed him sometimes)

  18. lizsy775 says:

    Since I’ve had tot his seizures occur 1-2 every three to four months.
    He does have some odd behaviour, he likes to be under beds,tables,etc.

  19. lizsy775 says:

    Also when I got him he had rotten teeth(some black spots, bad breath)
    he refuses to let me brush them he gets really defensive and beings to attack me.
    Hes a Pomeranian if that helps

  20. danscott888 says:

    @lizsy775 Thanks, wow, sad what people can do to dogs! Ok first off I only advise for educational purposes only. A change of diet will do him the world of good, for the teeth, mental well-being and quite possibly the seizures too. He’s in bad shape and you need to get on this. First, get my book, it’s got everything you need to know and just how to do it all. If you like e-books it’s current available online (see the BOOK tab on my blog) see next reply…

  21. danscott888 says:

    @lizsy775 … if your old school then my new hard copy book is out but not online yet please contact me via my blog and we can sort you out an early copy. Second, get your dogs teeth checked and thoroughly cleaned by a professional this is very very important after that the diet will do the rest. Third, start the new diet as per the book. You now have a chance to get your dogs immune system strong again which will in turn do his mental state much good. Stay in touch, Dan.

  22. KasinH says:

    Raw meat? How do you make sure the parasites in raw meat don’t transfer to the dog?

  23. danscott888 says:

    @KasinH Hi, the parasites (if there are any, this is human grade food were talking about) will perrish in the stomach acids which are far more powerful than ours. Thats why dogs can get stuck into a filthy maggot ridden squirell down at the park with no harm-a non issue.

  24. Yvonnesings says:

    My Bichon has Kidney stones and I’d like to know if using raw food will help or hurt him. What traw meat is best, and can you use meat after it is frozen?

  25. danscott888 says:

    @Yvonnesings Hi again, BTW love Bichon’s bright, tenacoius little go-getters. YES-a raw food diet will help, more than likely solve the problem and many others to boot, not to mention the problems to come form commercial dog food. I know two Bichons in particular thriving on a raw food diet and in the peak of condition. These guy and gal eat chicken, raw tripe, lamb breast ect. Yes we stock up the freezer, thaw and feed. Get my book to know tons more-BOOK tab on blog.

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