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Ear mites will cause a cats ears to become very itchy and dirty. Learn more about dirty ears and ear mite symptoms and treatments in cats with tips from a veterinarian in this free cat healthvideo. Expert: Tracy Carreiro Bio: Tracy Carreiro is member of The Faxon Animal Rescue League. The League was founded in 1913 to help overworked and abused draft horses. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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  1. staphinfection says:



    I’m trying to help her, but she doesn’t understand and I can’t even get the Q-tip past the first few hairs in her ears before she goes apeshit. Either ear does the same. The vet cleaned em once but the mites came back, and now I’m stuck with the same problem.

    Is there a better way to get my cat to relax so I can get rid of these pests?

  2. ecrdab747 says:

    give it a sedative

  3. Sonicdash0 says:

    none of my cats got the kind of problem, all of them. is it some kind trait that they get the mites more often?

    Also, I don’t think the cat was helping you…it looked like it Hated it.

  4. Davidescfan121 says:

    WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!!!??? That cat is not enjoying it in fact it looks like he’s in pain! Q tips are dangerous to humans and most probably to cats alike!

  5. rahyphensun says:

    nonsense. cats in pain are very defensive and violent. if that cat hated it, it would have scratched, torn, and bitten her extensively. It was scratching its own ears because they itched.

  6. ecrdab747 says:

    relax, the cat was scratching its ears because they were itchy.

  7. pjayy92 says:

    yes there is. my cat has them. try taking a towel and put it over her and cover the paws. allow the head to remain out. rub her and calmly talk to her. then try an otc solution from ptco or petsmart. =) hope it works!

  8. myworms says:

    this is my cat, this is what he does. i clean his ears and he scratches. i have to be careful because he’ll cut the inside of his ear with his claw.

  9. Yamcha67 says:

    I’m pretty sure cleaning cat ears are not required..

  10. ListeN253 says:

    can a cat loose some hair from having ear mites?

  11. jualkyn says:

    well ear mites is very common among cats unfortunately and if one cat has it, it will infect ALL of the other cats that are around them. So unfortunately the only real way to get rid of them is to get them medication. otherwise, they can rupture their eardrums and do severe damage from scratching. the medication is very expensive but worth it as when my cat had it, it cured it RIGHT away.

  12. jualkyn says:

    I already posted it above but the only way to cure it is medication. just cleaning it out doesn’t actually make the problem of the ear mites go away as they lay eggs within the ears and will just keep coming back. The medication is expensive but worth it and it saves your cat a great deal of irritation, pain and unease and cures it right away.

  13. mermaidamp says:

    Bonnie had ear mites. That was gross!

  14. wickedweekend says:

    whats the medication called?

  15. CatFish667 says:

    Is there anyone here that actually has a clue about cat health?

  16. mermaidamp says:

    @Sonicdash0 I’m glad to hear that none of your cats have ear mites. Bonnie (English Springer Spaniel that my parents and I owned on Mira Vista Court in Daly City,CA) had ear mites. Drops were applied into her ears. She waggled her head in a fast fashion and boy it sucked to have ear mites in the ears.

  17. rijikrijik says:

    Out of personal experience the most efficiant medication to treat ear- mites problem is called Canaural Ear Drops ->(It exterminates the mites and treats the inflammation.
    In addition, Revolution ampules are a very good prophylactic for ear mites.

  18. Taaurrus says:

    @staphinfection ~ if you ever get an answer to that can you tell me? Thank gosh my cat had her front claws removed (I didn’t do it – I adopted her that way) so she can’t do much damage to me but she still won’t let me. I know her ears hurt & when I try to clean them I end up making them bleed cuz I’m trying to be careful & gentle but how can you be careful & gentle when the cat won’t stay still? So I have given up & have an appt. w/ a veterinarian tomorrow.

  19. 17kaykay1717 says:

    you said cleaner ..
    what cleaner ?

  20. just4lizzy says:

    the vet says my cat might have ear mites, so he put some medicine on where you would put flea medication (it was a multifunctional medication). If it’s over there, how does it reach the ears? Also, I’ve never worked with topical medicines for my cat, so when does the “wet/stickiness” from the medicine go away?

  21. LizardHeadCompany says:

    my hamster has hard stuff inside his ear and he’s scratched so much, fur is missing from his head! i think he may have an ear infection or ear mites. please help me!

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