Dog & Cat Diseases : Feline Asthma Symptoms

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Symptoms of feline asthma in cats include heavy breathing, open mouth breathing, coughing or vomiting. Find out why it’s important to get an asthmatic cat checked out by a veterinarian with help from a staff veterinarian in this free video on cat health and pet care. Expert: Dr. James Talbott Bio: Dr. James R. Talbott is a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

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  1. chrystabelle42 says:

    my cat izue has asthema

  2. lovelypiglet92994 says:

    my cat Houdini might have asthma and im scared :'(

  3. Hyoshinlove says:

    i don’t knw what happend to my cat!!!!!!!
    my cat lost his eyesights and is dilated. i went to the vet and this f%#$king as%55ole told me that he doesnt know what is the reason why he’s like that. omg what a retard plz tell me what happened to him. he had a temperature over 100 degrees and now he’s hissing at every noise he hears and even my voice.!!!!! plz tell me what is happening to my cat!.

  4. jetsetjenny02 says:

    If your cat honks and acts´╗┐ like he’s got something in his lungs, THAT IS NOT ASTHMA! All 3 of my cats do that. I’ve had cats all my life, INDOOR CATS ALWAYS DO THIS! But people listen to these vets who don’t have a clue, something else to waste money on. My cats are all over 10 and besides doing that honking in the winter, are quite healthy. Give them steroids? NOT healthy! THIS GUY JUST WANTS TO GET MORE MONEY FROM YOU! IF HE DOES IT ALL DAY, THEN THATS A PROBLEM!

  5. ShAdOw116789 says:

    Can someone help me? Last night i could not go back to sleep because i woke up and coulden’t breath that well ( i still cant now) im only 12 years old, and when i take a deep breath i cough. Should i see a doctor?

  6. TheStripedKitty says:

    fuck u beggin’ strips -.-

  7. vixenlane says:

    @ShAdOw116789 If you’re having problems breathing, you should tell a parent/guardian and see your health care provider.

  8. a2zmedia says:

    Check for Lyme disease!!!!

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