Funny Pet News #5- Lizard Sex, Dog Hulk, Pig Art

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This is’s program dedicated to Funny Pet News. Watch as Laura and Beth bring you real pet news that proves the truth is stranger than fiction. This episode; Diet Pill for Dogs Human Chimpanzee California Spay/Neuter Bill Undercover Robotic Lizard Whippet Hulk Cat Survives 3-Week Pacific Ocean Crossing Pig-Casso Show transcript; LAURA: The most muscular dog you’ve ever seen, a Painting Pig-Casso, and a solution for chunky dogs. All true today on Zootoo News. BETH: Because we can reference Doggy Style, and still stay rated G. STORY 1: BETH: The FDA has approved a prescription diet pill for dogs called Slentrol that helps suppress a dog’s appetite and block the absorption of fatty foods. The drug is highly recommended for any dog that’s ever complained about having a huge ass. STORY 2: BETH: Campaigners in Austria are fighting to give human status to Hiasl, a 26 year old chimpanzee. The activists say they have a solid case because the chimp can recognize himself in the mirror, play hide and seek, and he breaks into fits of giggles when tickled. Unfortunately, so does Elmo. STORY 3: LAURA: In California, a bill that would require most dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered has been postponed, despite the lobbying efforts of Bob Barker. When asked for comment, Bob says if he has to he will take the spay and neuter matter into his own hands with the new MiracleBlade knife set [for a retail price of .95]! STORY 4: LAURA: Scientists in New Zealand have created an

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  1. A7XStan says:

    nah it aint a real news show :p

  2. bridie6 says:

    omg i have a whippet and that one puts him to shame

  3. silvermoonorca says:

    the whippet is real, the dog have a genedefect or something, look at google: Wendy the muscular whippet

  4. nolthria says:

    The stories are real, the jokes at the end of them are… Well.. Jokes, I have read most of these stories on yahoo news and AOL news, even seen them on tv, but, they do funny jokes at the end of them, I think the idea of these vids are great. Google some of these stories and you will see they are actually real.

  5. usmcpwns says:

    those females are hilarious

  6. himynameisroman says:

    lol go news!

  7. Snyphen3 says:

    omfg i just touched my light switch on the lamp and got electricuted!!! omfg, now im scared to touch the light!!
    and man i have never been electrecuted so badly before, it f-n shook my arm bad

  8. sooperpuper says:

    Nobody cares.

  9. whtevr9252 says:

    Those aren’t lizards, those are Tuatara’s. You can count on stupid blonde’s to screw up the news, and have no idea what they’re talking about while they do it.

  10. mavkfx400 says:

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  11. crazeycraig says:

    omg that dog was fucking huge!!

  12. madara868 says:

    wow o wow this was interesting…that whippet is soooo weird and wat up with the flippin lizard….NASTY MAN THEY LIKE MATING OR SOMETHING and a pig drawing and impossable to be so fat and have a desiese that lizard…man it needs some serious theropy….enough said.

  13. tomkeys78 says:

    I want one of those dogs. I’ll use it to scare all the chavs with their pitbulls. That’ll teach em!

  14. XxEllenBethxX says:

    oh my god
    why does everyone think blondes are stupid >:(

  15. scarthman says:

    LOL! awesome news, i’m subscribing.

  16. coolgirls11 says:

    sexy vid of me dancing

  17. hippl9 says:

    tht dog is insane! i feel bad 4 it though. people probably r always staring and gasping

  18. Justtryingtohelpu says:

    i liked this video 🙂

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  19. Michellecutie30 says:

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  20. cuteKelli4u66 says:

    D’you wanna make a trail o’kiss on my nape downwards?


  21. freeklovesyou says:

    HAHAHAHA the lady who owns that pig was my high school health teacher

  22. emo2106 says:

    wtf her dog SOMETIMES lets her leave the house thts wierd and the lizard freaked me out having sex wth that pile o shit

  23. PAMuffinMan says:

    Because one of them can barely pronounce “Accidentally”.

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