Funny Pet News #3- A Voting Dog, Horse Sushi, Canine Drives

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This is’s program dedicated to Pet News. Watch as Laura and Beth bring you real pet news that proves the truth is stranger than fiction. This episode; Voting Dog Horse Sushi Kept Alive by Rabbit and Horse Blood Ace Sniffer Dogs Fired Kitten Rescued from Sewer Drain …

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  1. XxemoxqueenxX says:

    I thought ‘uma’ was the word for horse? Would it be because a live horse is ‘uma’ and ‘ba’ is a horse for food? Such as the english ‘sheep’ – ‘mutton’ variations?
    Or maybe I’M just way off XD
    Ara, I’m confused o_o;

  2. WindDanceFilm says:

    Sorry for confusing you. But Japanese is a confusing language.
    Most Kanji (Chinese characters) have at least two pronounciations. One is from Chinese origin (On yomi), the other is made in Japan (Kun yomi).
    “Uma” is “Kun yomi”, and “Ba” is “On yomi”.
    Pronounications are different, but Kanji and its meaning are the same.

  3. XxemoxqueenxX says:

    Ah thanks, ^^’ don’t wory my fist language is French and it’s pretty damn complicated… And english is hard to learn as well for most people because of all the exceptions XD
    Thank you very much, once again I’m happy to have learnt something new!

  4. 368ofk says:

    I thought the title said “vomiting dog”.

    I’m much less interested now.

  5. Idiotetiquette says:

    This was hilarious because of Hoyt! Thanks for the show.

  6. minetruly says:

    I’ve eaten horse sushi in Japan! Actually, it’s sashimi- slices of raw meat. There were pieces from four different parts of the horse’s body, ranging from neck meat (white, tought to chew, resembling raw squid and disgusting) to, uh, some other kind of meat (dark red and tasting like a cross between rare beef and raw red tuna and delicious.)

    A girl who owns horses was eating with me and got really upset at the way I was trying to get her to eat it too.

  7. poohbear5050 says:

    okay, I’m just a little closer to death and that much dumber for watching that

  8. FleaFinatic says:

    poor horses… why is everyone killing them and using there meat/blood!!!:(

  9. horseygirl1207 says:

    go to hell bastard

  10. horseygirl1207 says:

    you allsuck horses rock

  11. yanikv says:

    Im sorry, im sorry. I didnt mean to imply that us Americans should really eat horse sushi per se. What i meant to imply is that we should actually be chomping on your horses. Thats correct. If you own an equine, i would love to barbecue its ass proper and feed it to all of my bretherin. Or maybe grind it up and put it in tacos like Jack-In-The-Box used to do. Damn those tacos were good. But you were right, sushi implies raw, and raw is just savage.

  12. horseygirl1207 says:

    not you duhh the ppl that kill the horses to eat them raw if you like it that is you ways i am so sorry u think that was implied to you

    god blees you

  13. sheezy2 says:

    u would get all excited for a wet pussy… CAT!!!

  14. elliexena says:

    thats sad

  15. Cerebrallydissected says:

    I fell in love with Beth Hoyt when she does the Horse impressions at 02:00

  16. alexfromiami says:

    do u grls make these vids all by urselvs??but u arent funny.u should try porn
    hahaha thats funny

  17. offcameherhead says:

    130,000 American horses end up on foreign dinner tables every year. Their transport to slaughter and their deaths are grisly. The horse jokes are not funny to those of us who know what goes on.

  18. ElisaFireRose says:

    Pfft. All of you think eating horse is such a bad thing. I love horses, don’t get me wrong, but guess what? Humans will do what it takes for survival. And if you live in Italy, eating horse isn’t a bad thing. At all. Seriously, go to the Equine-meat stores lining the street.

    …Besides, people have eaten much worse. Take me, for example. I went to Germany and ate kangaroo.

    So sue me.

  19. jazuishere says:

    hahahaha funny… nice one lol

  20. XxEllenBethxX says:

    “Humans wil do what it takes for survival”
    oh my god
    what so is there no other food than horse anymore?

  21. ElisaFireRose says:

    There are other foods than horse. I’m not saying there aren’t. But guess what? I eat it. And it’s seriously the best freaking type of meat there is out there. There’s barely any fat on it because horses are mostly active.

    I really don’t understand why anybody cares.

  22. XxEllenBethxX says:

    but to act like that
    loads of people have pet horses

  23. ElisaFireRose says:

    People have pet horses. Your point is? I’m pretty sure people overseas have DOGS for pets, and guess what they eat? Yep.

  24. XxEllenBethxX says:

    if your trying to freak me out by telling me that people eat dog

    yh i aint freaked I KNOW!

    i just find it sick & barbaic

  25. popura0025 says:

    Horse sushi