Pets Are Not Gifts! funny short

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A funny short from the greatest dvd on pet overpopulation Best Friend Forgotten (any pet lover must buy a copy!) The short by Julia Lofton, is called Uncommon Census. About a guy doing his job and knocks on the wrong door, where animals are treated as “stuff” Enjoy!

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  1. polarbearkat says:

    I have seen this before and almost died laughing,and was thrilled to be the first person to see and comment on it.Thanks-with me trying to start a campaign against the Olympics being held in Beijing,I needed a good laugh today!!!

  2. polarbearkat says:

    When I watched this again,I felt sad because you may notice the animals looked healthy and calm,and the guy had a super clean large apartment.But then again-it was meant as comedy.Almost all “Horders”are mentally ill and either think they are helping them or are real sickos who enjoy cruelty towards anything/body,plus their places are filthy.But they laid it down at the end-“exotic”animals do not make good urban pets and with that many,all should have been spayed/neutered.

  3. sweetvegan74 says:

    Yeah you have to remember, their all “acting” even the animals have their names at the end of the credits I believe! Actually some people that are “clean” have animals for the wrong reason, I know someone in my family that use to buy dogs all the time then had to rehome becasue she bought on impulse. Luckily she learned her lesson.

  4. sweetvegan74 says:

    Your welcome. I love this short it is so corny but funny! My favorite parts:

    Census slams the door on the delivery man with the puppy in the basket:
    Census: Animals are not gifts!
    Martin: Of course they are. Didn’t you see the bow on that thing?”
    Census smacks Fingermen with his clipboard

    Census: You wouldn’t give a baby away as a gift.”
    Martin: Oh no I would not do that..again.”

  5. YouLoveMeUYA says:

    this is a really good video i think it should be put on the home page

  6. emily28658 says:

    That was a great great cideo – and told about overpopulation in a good way – instead of seeing the terrible terrible pictures of starving abused animals, which also needs to be out thee, but this was great THANKS

  7. TheCatAteMyShoe says:

    That was great! Thanks!

  8. commoneagle says:

    you do know this is all a joke?
    DON’T YOU! 🙂 HUMM or do you?

  9. beanbatball says:

    Her name is Julie Lofton, I believe. And Bill Odenkirk the guy who wrote it is also a writer on the Simpsons. Yes, Best Friend Forgotten is the best documentary on Pet Overpopulation ever!

  10. LollyPop4Life says:

    that was an awesome video thanks for putting it up…:)

  11. kittenrescue5 says:

    Funny, but true!

  12. Velvina39 says:

    Important video.
    Thank you for posting

  13. Breakingbenjamin42 says:

    What they describe at 5:33 is a book I read in grade three…

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