Dog Health Treatment & Advice : How to Treat a Swollen Paw

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Treating a swollen paw requires a veterinary visit, as causes can include bites, stepping on something, twisting their ankle, puncture wounds or infections. Take a pet with a swollen paw to the vet, getting an anti-inflammatory and an antibiotic prescription, withhealth information from a veterinarian in this free video on pet care. Expert: Dr. Aimee Beger Bio: Dr. Aimee Beger works for McClintock Animal Care Center in Tempe, Ariz. Filmmaker: Ryan Quinn

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  1. pedrocholo says:

    Are you talking about on how to increase the income of a vet or..are you being POSITIVE on how to cure ? can you give us more feed buck on how can we do it our selves on curing our pets. example..punctures? Or how can we help to cure a wound?..THANK YOU

  2. bunkman64 says:

    The vet business is a racket. It is helpful sometimes but I see a lot of instances where the vet plays on the sympathy of the owner to string them along to make tons of cash. I watched one woman I know spend over $7,000.00 on kemo for a dog with liver cancer and you KNOW how that ended. I have 2 dogs and, although I love them DEARLY, I will let the cancer run it’s course and allow them to enjoy their last days as much as possible, not constantly sick from useless kemo. If you luv ’em them go.