Ace Ventura – Pet Detective – Rehab

This is an extremely funny part of the movie Ace Ventura – Pet Detective

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  1. JodieBabess1 says:

    The last bit is the funniest when he wacks hes head .. i was in stiches !! XD

  2. tryrant says:

    im going to execute a back hook pattern in super slow mo *gahgjksdla;gjfdka;lgnurweiopgq* now lets see that, in an instant replay, *gjfkls;dajgkf;lsdag;kl* XD

  3. Assassin1236 says:

    I should put him on my team

  4. Jumba240 says:

    Hes the ultimate football player!

  5. TAYL0R16 says:


    Those words made my heart fill with happiness.

  6. murphygurphy says:

    2:11 best part

  7. musicmonster2k8 says:

    blue 51 blue 51 rover sit hike! lmao

  8. yerchedmad says:

    dam i miss the 90s when they were releasing that kind of movies! We lost this kind of humor after all these years.

  9. Gwyneth11143 says:

    brilliant – super slow mo! – instant replay! lol!!

  10. Acecombatgamer says:

    ahahahahahahaaaa thats the best part!!!! roflsh

  11. FantaFan22 says:

    hahahahaha the end was the best hahah

  12. metalomania91 says:

    2:37 when he bumps his head with the rythm of the music…when ı first watched that i was on the floor !!!! XD ROFL litterally

  13. ThePrincessjewels says:

    wow i think i might b like this guy., Im scared! lol

  14. loewe06 says:

    @ThePrincessjewels theres a little ace in all of us xD

  15. Junglist360 says:

    You missed out the best bit of the ass talking scene!


  16. dalton456iscool says:

    lol watxch huis knees when hes dancing and look hopw he walks in the hallway xD

  17. ncaafsufan says:

    I actually wear the same outfit when I play Madden.The toto itches my
    johnson though.

  18. mkim1022 says:


  19. herovsangelo says:

    Jim Carrey, where did you gooooooooooo?!

  20. nikeswool says:

    This scenes man…. religion,……. grew up with this….

  21. shivaskunk420 says:

    LMFAO omg I haven’t watched this movie in forever. Im crying from laughing so hard

  22. StarWallace says:

    Jim Carrey is the human embodiment of hilarity. Period.

  23. BushiProduction says:

    wow that garden is my church..its the front of it. Not the building is not on that location at all.

  24. M16KING82 says:

    lol the last part is fuckkkkkiiinnnnngggg hilarious

  25. ChrisRane says:

    I’m Open !!! Over HERE !!!

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