MAD TV- Stuart at the Pet Store

funny video of stuart… comments please

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  1. LilJoey721 says:


  2. rilesnp says:


    “he went poo on my hand….!”

  3. OzFreak22 says:

    5:43 Check out her face…Ha Ha Ha…HILARIOUS!

  4. sigma680 says:

    (dies laughing)

  5. KptMonsteR says:

    his googoos not there

  6. raiNwAter8690 says:


  7. russ0803 says:

    Stuart you rock your so funny and whats up with mad t.v. being cancelled

  8. PabloStoleGrocery says:


  9. MegaBloxxer says:

    i lold when he ate the dog food

  10. 1cynfire says:

    Ok, idea for a stuart sketch
    Stuart is invited to a talk show for freaks.
    He makes a scene
    Stuart takes off his pants!
    He hits the host of the show.
    For calling him a freak.

  11. kittycausefur says:

    mom:cmon stewart lets gettah move on
    stewart:but i want to stay and see his pet rat
    guy:oh i dont have a pet rat, i have a pet boa constricter and i feed it live rats, cool huh.
    stewart: DOOOOHHNNNNNT!!
    (they fight)
    guy: your kids a freak lady!!!
    thats fuhkingg halarious!!

  12. 210mexicanburrito says:

    haha, “mine are in my danger zone” lmao

  13. iseewatchyjunk says:

    look what i can do LOL

  14. first2middle says:

    he rejected me

  15. watwatno000000 says:

    1:52 and 2:18 XD HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA lET ME DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. tiner1891hkr says:

    look what i can do

  17. haileyer22 says:

    Mr. Pips tried to kill me!
    haha – perfection!

  18. steeloscarman says:

    wasnt the pet lady miss swan

  19. MKPwner1 says:

    He rejected me! that was freakin the best part

  20. GuMmIBeAr2396 says:

    @steeloscarman Yeaa Ittz Her

  21. mrmatthew12323 says:

    : look what i can do!
    *puts rat on her head* *screems like getting raped*

  22. johnnyrocket03 says:

    i don’t have a pet rat i have a boa constructer and i feed it live rats isnt that cool.
    dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon’t.and beat’s him to the pulp.
    hahahahahahaha omg.

  23. TheDarkregicide says:

    she played ms.swan

  24. sillygrl23 says:

    lol the best skits are always ones with animals because with actors you can expect them to do something funny according to thier lines or routine but with animals its just a suprise waiting to happen 🙂

  25. holybarbiepoop says:

    hahaha to funny

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