Talking Cat

Amusing talking cat, as seen on YBF in the UK.

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  1. xjessjustify says:

    no infense but that cat is clearly insane

  2. abhinavtinku says:

    Its possesed!!

  3. TheMonty45 says:

    ha ha

  4. gioqochora says:


  5. Jimlead says:

    Oh long John!

  6. diogenden says:

    @Jimlead Oh lord Johnson I suppose

  7. GOLD100GIRL says:


  8. theghostofmrcow1985 says:

    @xjessjustify is a kangaroo not a cat.

  9. theghostofmrcow1985 says:

    @russiancatspictures is not a cat is a kangaroo.

  10. ZanderG89 says:

    sounds like an ewok

  11. yourbiggestmistake18 says:

    @katlover27 The audience isnt fake lol those are raeal ppl laughing frm the show americas funniest home videos lol

  12. yourbiggestmistake18 says:

    @yourbiggestmistake18 *real

  13. Sar89Bear says:

    SO CUTE!

  14. ViaiuM says:

    must be fake

  15. cravingsofchocolate says:

    its not fake my cat did that once!

  16. whitemoonanimations says:

    @ViaiuM nope my cat does this too sometimes, it sounds a bit different tough cuz she has a more girly voice

  17. GothiousRex says:

    @ViaiuM many cats make these sounds when they feel threatened. My cat surprised me the other night by making these noises to a neighbourhood cat.

  18. theghostofmrcow1985 says:

    @GothiousRex is a kangaroo u moron not a cat.

  19. theghostofmrcow1985 says:

    @xjessjustify is a kangaroo u idiot

  20. UpsidedownBirdPro says:

    Oh long Johnson XD sounds so wrong!

  21. AnnmarieNicole1297 says:

    my cat did that before… she puked after that:\

  22. MrDeCorey says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow that is one famous Cat I wish I owned him.

  23. arnotimmerman says:


  24. 6HagareNo6Yumi6 says:

    Fuck, cats have some interesting vocal cords, ’cause this sounds differs so much in tone from a meow.

  25. Rugdopey says:

    My cat can say “Immers” and “Daarentegen”

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