Ace Ventura – Pet Detective – Cockroach

Another hilarious moment of the movie Ace Ventura – Pet Detective

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  1. kylieisthename says:

    I’m feelin it dude lol

  2. 0nvbcdwn says:

    In this case the killer saw the size of the bugs DICK!!! And became insanely jealous…Hillarious bro

  3. zombieguy619 says:

    thanks for the comment

  4. TuluzSrebrov says:

    ROFL best scene ever XDDDDDDDdd

  5. gibbo4 says:

    Great scene!!!

  6. 5ick1ntheH3AD says:

    ‘lassie must be missing’ XD

  7. jmilla191 says:


  8. rosie4you says:


    best quote

  9. herovsangelo says:


  10. comgeek24 says:

    Thank you for posting! “In this case, the killer saw the size of the bug’s DICK, and became insanely jealous.” XD

  11. Ziggman2g says:

    lol ‘then i loose 30 lbs….PORKIN HIS WIFE!!’

  12. Mariobros956 says:

    now kiss and make up

  13. vkotis says:


  14. mozizzy says:

    thanks soooo much for uploading!

  15. BluesMan88 says:

    “in this case, the killer saw the size of the bugs DICK, and became insanely Jealous” OWNED aguatta, OWNED

  16. superjokerlover says:

    “now kiss & make up!” lolz

  17. HarpoTheVillain says:

    Now, I realize how lame and stupid this must sound, but whenever I was bullied at school when I was a kid, I’d think back to this scene. I was being raised not to use violence as a solution, so I’d always think back to this particular scene and tried to be smart-ass back at my bullies. And that worked.

    It’s stuck with me ever since. I use my wits, not my fists. I know this is lame, but I really feel this movie inspired me like this.

  18. eckonycsk8er says:


  19. ESPuser2560 says:

    i fuckin love the laugh at 0: 14

  20. thebigwhitedude says:

    “then id lose 30 pounds PARKING is wife” haha

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