Miracle on Cauliflower Lane (Pet-Smart Prank Call)

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Jared prank calls a Pet smart and says his hamster had babies. The fans on Twitter and facebook wanted us to post the FULL UNCUT video 🙂 Even though it is 30 minutes long I know you will enjoy it 😉 HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! www.FridayNightCranks.com

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  1. hitachiintwins23 says:

    “whisper whisper… OH MY GOD!!” LMAO!!!!!!!!

  2. xboxfan3601 says:

    best 30 mins ever

  3. klintonq says:

    ROFL wait till you see me oh …….ok

  4. saxophoneplayer213 says:

    I want you to want me to help you

  5. TheRealLithoniel says:

    Sorry Jesus.. that was my stupid ass cat.

  6. ToonToonrules says:

    @XxstarstruckgrlXx not even 20 its like 10 but if u were member of youtube since 2008 then u can make em this long

  7. DillonStudios says:

    extremely funny but mean at the same time

  8. mac12197 says:

    it had bb’s!!

  9. Juli0o12 says:

    Tiger woods made my day, MILEY CYRUS!!! HOLY SHIT THIS IS FUNNY

  10. aGothicFruitBat says:

    I wonder if the lady enjoyed this. I would’ve.

  11. MySkillYOurRage says:

    “I’m poking it.” ROFL LMAFO

  12. Sl1pknot13 says:

    the 146 people who missed the like button deserves to burn and die

  13. jrdgent123 says:

    @ToonToonrules nope. you have to be a partner.

  14. FlutePlayingBabe says:

    Hamster Condoms!!

  15. Kayla0902 says:

    I love this vid my fave parts are
    -fluffy get away from the hamsters, sorry Jesus. That was my stupid ass cat.
    -fluffy if u don’t get away from the hamsters I’m gonna kick u in the jar.
    -ahhhhhh!!!!! Sorry I almost stepped on the hamsters. Then I would have dead hamsters on my foot!
    – and hamster condoms!

  16. FlutePlayingBabe says:

    lol the hold time she’s probably not even listening, but replying to every other 2 comments. haha to lazy customer support

  17. FlutePlayingBabe says:

    @Sl1pknot13 No, 146 are very religious and think the prayers in this vid were wrong, or they just are really impatient.

  18. MIKEISCOOL410 says:

    how did u get 30 mins on youtube

  19. qwertyifgifstif12 says:

    @MIKEISCOOL410 they are partners

  20. TrojanGold1314 says:

    @Kayla0902 yes!

  21. Kayla0902 says:

    The mom hamster is sleeping. Woman on the phone-don’t mess with the hamster
    Ok I’m poking it

  22. HappyTeardrop says:

    this is sOO funny (: ♥

  23. TheAncientmew says:

    how did u upload this plz tell me tks

  24. cdmnumber3fan says:

    LOL at the Ying Yang Twins reference.

  25. DalueCommentarys says:

    this guy is hilarious man