Tom Chaplin – Your Funny Uncle

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A cover of the Pet Shop Boys song, by Keane’s Tom Chaplin.

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  1. amoye7 says:


  2. Val0371 says:

    Hey I found u again!!!! How r u??? I hope all is well…remember me? Valeria…
    r u in facebook? we could chat sometimes….about our gourgeous Tom….

  3. LELA91100 says:

    Thomas, you are really blessed with this way to sing! I wish you and Keane all sucess always.
    Keep surprising us!

  4. urbanstuds says:

    love the cover <3
    tom, you're great! <3

  5. Val0371 says:

    truly amazing….

  6. honeypotno1 says:

    there are not many people that can make a cover sound as good if not better than the original, but this man is one of them! What a voice! And this is just at home! Mr Chaplin we are not worthy!!!!

  7. Val0371 says:


  8. TheLayla000 says:

    This is in Battle? With this snow?

  9. TheLayla000 says:

    This is in Battle? With this snow??

  10. nikotwasik says:

    sweetness. i really wish i could have seen them when they came to town. sucks, but oh well.

  11. stoojkm says:


    i dont agree, Neils song is from the heart which you can hear clearly, plus Tom doesnt even get the lyrics right………..still a very good effort though.

  12. malma3 says:

    is it snow behind Tom ?:)

  13. Mrmale78 says:

    te quedo preciosos,Tom

  14. junemoonchild69 says:

    I’d love to wake up in the morning and hear this….very nice!!

  15. justamomentplease16 says:

    Now if only we could find a way to put this on my iPod…

  16. patrick1999k says:

    Love it ! Perfect scenery as well.

  17. smileeeenet says:

    omg….. that voice! (sigh)

  18. MrsSelastraga says:

    Hahah, yeah!!!

  19. MOZandBFLOWluvr says:

    beautiful tom:)

  20. CherryKeane18 says:

    i like this cover more than the original 🙂 ok,nothing against the pet shoo boys but this is absolutely amazing! tom really have such an awesome voice. i always notice this again 🙂

  21. beefydebster says:

    me likee, love psb version too tho 🙂

  22. blink200ify says:

    i love tom so much n his voice too

  23. roosy1 says:

    Thanks Nat.

  24. thekungfufighter says:

    TOM PLEASE SING can’t take my eyes off you!

  25. 85zenden says: