Cat Care: Fleas & Parasites : What Do Worms in Cats Look Like?

Worms in cats can be roundworms, which look like spaghetti when passed through the stool or vomit, and tapeworms, which look like small segments of rice. Identify internal parasites in cats, which can be accompanied by diarrhea and weight loss, withadvice from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on pet care. Expert: James Talbott Bio: Dr. James R. Talbott is a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

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  1. danielgwenny says:

    I have 2 cats . Both of them Have round worms .I’ve tried the liquid ,paste and pill medications but The worms keep reapearing .They look like sesame seeds .What can I do to make better sure they don’t come back ?

  2. danielgwenny says:

    Also.Are worms contagious to humans ?

  3. 62sarina says:

    worms are not contag. to humans and you have to rid your cats of fleas or they can just get reinfected. Caused by your cat swallowing a flea when grooming.

  4. 62sarina says:

    Sorry, that is for tape worms. I just noticed you put round worms on your post, but tapeworms look like rice which is what you described.

  5. writertrump says:

    I dont think I want a cat now

    because i’m not going to fucking deworm every three months or shit like that

    I think my kitten is going to go.

  6. SleazyKitten says:

    let me also explain people most or all mammals are born with worms that lie dosile in the muscle tissue til the animal becomes stressed.Then they usually become active.Any animal or human can get worms.Yes we are mammals,we are not different than animals.And if you plan on deworming your creatures.Make sure it’s the proper fomula for the worms you are treating.make sure your animal isn’t pregnant.And if you are going to treat your cat or dog for worms treat them for fleas too.

  7. SleazyKitten says:

    well that just proves that your a unreliable pet owner and you shouldn’t own something thats,that much responsablity.Find someone who actually loves that cat and give it to them.And never EVER own another animal in your life because it’s not fair to the just giving a cat a pill once a month is hard or to much responsibilty?geez give me a bloody break.And a child is much more easier to look after?

  8. writertrump says:

    FUCK YOU, a child is a person, and yes I would do anything for my child when I have one, but a pet isnt a fucking child, so NO I will not give a pet drugs or any type of drug pills. FUCK YOU ive owned many pets: hamsters,rabbits,dogs,cats. just not kittens


  9. SleazyKitten says:

    it doesn’t matter you fucking idiot a person and a animal are the same you fucking tool.what makes you special over a animal besides the fact you can open your useless trap and annoy people.And obviously your a unfit pet owner if your too LAZY to deworm them on a monthly basis.I should report you to the spca because your a danger to animals.You proabably let your animals get so full of worms.Then you wonder why they die.god your fucking stupid it’s unbelieveable.

  10. writertrump says:


    Ya know people have worms too, yet we dont get this kind of treantment

  11. writertrump says:

    I live in turkey fuckface

  12. writertrump says:

    Try wormwood blend

    a little in it;s food or water, it;s kept my cats worms very low, it doesnt get rid of all of em, but it has cut down ALOT

    wormwood is a natural herb, but id ask a vet about it, you gotta be careful as some oils/herbs can harm your pets.

  13. yezi177 says:

    u fuck ur self hope u die of worms bitch and no docters help fuck u

  14. writertrump says:


  15. phils920 says:

    You are very creative in your responses. Saying the same thing over and over makes you sound very intelligent. Good Job. Please do the world a favor and commit suicide. Hopefully, in the most painful way possible. K thanks!

  16. writertrump says:

    hey you peice of shit, I wish for you to get cancer.

  17. phils920 says:

    lol. at least that’s a new response. bravo!

  18. writertrump says:

    and you have no life.

  19. phils920 says:


  20. chloe7829 says:

    one day, when I was brushing our cat I noticed a small (10mm) very thin worm near her anus, which I cleaned up and we took her to the vet the next day. He tested her and found her free of any parasites. Neither have I ever noticed any fleas on her, I checked her white areas under the arms and groin and never see any fleas or droppings. Is that possible? She is allowed limited access to our backyard. any comments?

  21. Sarecaman548 says:

    If I wasn’t so kind to nature, I would burn those things as soon as they come out of my infected cat >:(

  22. 95prayc0n says:

    are cat worms dangrous?

  23. Jarrenfoshoo says:

    This means my cat has a tapeworm. What should i do? Can this be harmful to people too?

  24. wolf101085 says:

    @95prayc0n Hookworm and RoundWorm CAN transmit to humans, Tapeworm can as well, but, rarely.
    VERY important to treat ASAP.

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