Simon’s Cat ‘Cat Man Do’

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A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to wake its sleeping owner.

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  1. mariapicot says:

    i have 7 cats and 2 of them do exactly what is shown here, anoying but would have to be 5-6.30 in the morning lol

  2. OakAged72 says:

    I really don’t understand why some people want these annoying things in their homes. Is it a self-punishment thing, like self mutilation? I’m a bad person so I deserve to have a self-centred dependent scratching me, waking me up, and making my home smell disgusting? Or is it just that they like the look and feel of a cat so much that they’re willing to put up with anything to have it around? Oh well. Silly creatures, humans.

  3. 7389 says:

    @OakAged72 Ok we get it, you don’t like cats. I don’t understand why people watch videos of things they don’t like and then make insulting comments about it. Is it that that they hate animals ? Or is it that they have nothing better to do ? Oh well, silly creatures, humans.

  4. peatcheena says:

    @OakAged72 I really don’t understand why people like you is still around, stealing vital spaces for me and my cats.

  5. Ryanlent1 says:

    fly guy is the best one made… this one is the second… its like youve made a cartoon of my catz lol

  6. moviemaster13 says:

    lol awsome! and nice recreation of a cat’s movements

  7. OakAged72 says:

    @7389 OK, I’ll explain it to you. The video in question was posted to You Tube, which is a public site. People sometimes send their freinds links to the vids. So I watched, saw the negative behaviour depicted, and read comments to the effect of “yeah, it’s so true!” yet in a positive tone. Puzzled, and there was a “reply” button right in front of me. See how that works?
    Awrity then. Now please don’t assume anyone’s attitude towards cats represents thier attitudes towards animals in general.

  8. OakAged72 says:

    @peatcheena Don’t worry peatcheena, I is leaving now, so you and your cats can steal your own vital space on You Tube. Enjoy!

  9. biosusc says:

    ha ha ha, funny!

  10. MegaKiller2011 says:

    my cat does this to me every morning

  11. thornarmor2 says:

    cat with a bat

  12. MyXennoN says:

    We Love Simon’s CaT !

  13. friloo1991 says:

    Hahaha! Wie geil!! Göttlich!

  14. 607demilovato says:

    I Love this cat …… xDD .. soo FuNnY <3 <3

  15. pancakesrfunny says:

    meow… meow

  16. MusicDMand says:

    0:40-0:50 are not really funny, but the rest is ok 🙂

  17. ishotthepuppy says:

    I agree fully with Oakaged72, I am neither a cat person, but I still find Simons clips amusing. Secondly, last I checked you I still a free PUBLIC site open to all and that means their opinions as well. Thirdly if u work in art and design then your used to critique of your work, part of the growing process, hey at least Oak expressed themselves without vulgarity, in short stop being so self-righteously anal, have a nice day now.:)

  18. racchit says:

    the cat has no choice

  19. AveryChu says:

    I love these

  20. sebcde says:

    love simon’s cat.. so true compared to real cats 🙂

    if you have time, feel free to check out my own 2D animations, inspired a bit from his (though mine are about spiders :O)



  21. DixieGirls14 says:

    i would love to own simons cat!…. but i dont think i wanna wake up w a black eye!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao!!

  22. trinigully says:


  23. ccbricault says:

    I just love this, funnyyyy

  24. jeriwho says:

    I love Simon’s cat!

  25. unknwnsoldier04 says:

    haha both of my cats do the same thing. Except they will go to the extreme of destruction if I keep ignoring them.