New drench ad starring the world’s smartest pet goldfish

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The cleverest pet goldfish ever, Mr Memory, performs at his best in this new ad from drench. To see some funny moments from his training sessions, why not watch our goldfish quiz question videos at and rate the funniest.

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  1. jigo53 says:

    they only show the last bit (cup thingy) in the adverts here in the uk >:(

  2. Coogirl123 says:

    not real

  3. RediRAR says:

    your all gullable lol

  4. Cloves08417 says:

    Haha, Nice fish!

  5. Fuzzy192006 says:

    wow, so… I should drink water then?
    had no idea

  6. Bexycool says:

    @lemonaderz what??? :/

  7. oversea2571973 says:

    Watch´╗┐ beautiful girl of the world …

  8. Lemonaderz says:

    Of course it’s not bloody real!! XD!!!!!!!
    Since when can you train a goldfish?!?!

  9. Bexycool says:

    u can

  10. Bexycool says:

    I know most of its not real but i think some little clips are

  11. ALegendKiller says:

    shocked but you can

  12. Lemonaderz says:


    You cannot train a fish to do any of these tricks, don’t encourage the girl LOL

  13. McNoelie says:

    Wow ^.^

  14. kevinpr89 says:

    Ani1 who sez its real iv got one word for ya “gullable”!! Next ul be sayin the cadbury gorilla was real lmao

  15. bubzy2727 says:

    that was a fish from ur mums pussy mush

  16. diveniremedia says:

    all the shots of the fish were 3d, i work where it was made… pretty cool isnt it… you just wait for the next drench advert soo weird!!!

  17. Udders666 says:

    Anyone know the name of the music used in this ad?

  18. Bexycool says:

    THE GIRL has a name.

  19. GreatBritishGamers says:

    From what i can hear it’s a mash up of Bats out of hell by meatLoaf and Pushi ti to the limit by rick ross

  20. Udders666 says:


    Thanks but I already found out what it was.

    It’s “Scarface (Push it to the Limit” by Paul Engemann

  21. ripstikchild10 says:

    it makes me wish i were a fish

  22. HitlessMelfice2009 says:

    for those for the song
    Push It To The Limit – Paul Engemann

  23. AirBallers31 says:

    best advert ever!

  24. colopaulx says:

    ajajajjajjajajja muy bueno

  25. Violet3107 says:

    that is AWESOME