Cat Health & Medical Problems : Cat Health: Internal Parasites

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Potential internal parasites in cats include round worms, tape worms and hookworms. Learn more about internal parasite symptoms and treatments in cats with tips from a veterinarian in this free cat healthvideo. Expert: Tracy Carreiro Bio: Tracy Carreiro is member of The Faxon Animal Rescue League. The League was founded in 1913 to help overworked and abused draft horses. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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  1. ecrdab747 says:

    That woman is dirty. She removes shit from cats’ ears and exhibits the shit to the camera. Then, she waits for the cats to shit for real (like in this video) and she shows the shit to people. Don’t tell me that she is doing a ‘good thing’ in educating the public. There are 1000 ways of educating the public about something , by taking a cleaner line of approach ;)))))))))

  2. societysplague says:

    what is she feeding her cat to give it explosive diarrhea? there’s poop more than half way up the side of that litterbox

  3. TheAmyMarta says:

    so i took my kitten to a vet yest. got her first shot plus deworming. i knew he had a tape wrom bc of moving rice thing in his stool. bu its been a day and he still shits em. they told me i could see something long and white coming out in 12 hrs after the shot. BUT STILL NOTHING. what to do???