Funny Pets and Dog Whisperer

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This funny wierd pets dog whisperer is funny as hell with his wierd dog mouth movements and pets dog whisperer funny as hell house animal funny pets dog WTF

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  1. ilsalund51 says:


  2. mumbo says:

    So glad I understand my dog better now!!

  3. Packerave2 says:

    Reminds me of a teacher I had

  4. badfish301 says:

    Jesse Ventura – Gov. of Minnesota/ Navy Seal/ Demolitions expert says 9/11 was an inside job: watch?v=HQdlBAp-24g

    Japanese Parliament believes 9/11 was an inside job:

    European Parliament 9/11 inside job:

    Angels to Airwaves, Eminem, Mos Def, Immortal technique, Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen, Sharon Stone, Rosie O’donnell, Tom DeLonge, Daniel Sunjata, Janeane Garofalo, Mark Ruffalo Woody Harrelson, Willie Nelson say 9/11 = INSIDE JOB

  5. debv5354 says:

    Excellent thank you more videos please

  6. RapidDiscoveryMedia says:

    My goodness, not one but two spamming accounts? Very unfortunate. I hope your management reviews my email and that this video is removed asap.

  7. thanatosanima says:


  8. kls27yt says:

    the website is as blah as this video

  9. RomeoTheRottweiler says:

    This is pretty funny.

  10. cooltv4 says:


  11. loopy1980 says:

    LMGDAO!!! is this a comedy??

  12. K4jQw59A says:

    someone want to chat

    i liked this video 🙂 nc

  13. tughard1 says:

    Great video

  14. dshafe9791 says:

    that dog is thinking ” GET ME THE F$@% OUT OF HERE