Cats that make you laugh

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funny cats

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  1. HandsOfTime1 says:

    Lmao at the beginning the dog just keeps running and says to itself “I didn’t do it!”

  2. greenrefrigerator says:

    megakiller36 said the kid is “torturing the cat”. Gimme a fucking break man. He’s playing it and the cat was right there along with him because it WANTED to be there. I seriously doubt it was intended to end up in the tub but accidents happen.

    Human beings exaggerate shit so much on this planet just to get their own point across. Someone needs to get laid I think . . .

  3. greenrefrigerator says:


    Get real . . . . torturing? Get the fuck outta here.

  4. jackjosh101 says:

    it didnt make me

  5. jackjosh101 says:

    it didnt make me

  6. Dagg215 says:

    God, i couldn’t stop laughing!!!! xD

  7. EastLily says:

    My cat swiped my ankle from under our stairs one night. Scared the sh**t got of my lol! Everyone got good laugh out of that.

  8. Dagg215 says:

    Ninja cat fight:


  9. ThatRandomDude97 says:

    LOL at 0:09!!!

  10. ThatRandomDude97 says:

    LOL infinity at 0:43!!!!

  11. bieberbabesily1 says:


  12. SuperBranman011 says:


  13. bieberbabesily1 says:


  14. llcc00ccll says:

    0:49 is the way to bath your cat LOL
    Thats torture.

  15. drawingqueen101 says:

    0:47 so cute! Poor cat. 🙂

  16. tobimissu says:

    lol its lucky that cats have 9 lives lol

  17. Asmodi87 says:

    the last one rocks!
    I don’t think water is a torture to this poor cat! But to grow a cat race without pelt is torture!

  18. bizzielissie says:

    Time for a little laughter I think!!! Enjoy

  19. JacobXxBlack says:

    0:09 – 0:11 The kitty killed the fishy!

  20. vodevil86 says:

    wciąganie kota do wanny i smiech rodzica to raczej głupota ludzka a nie coś śmiesznego

  21. annoyingismyname says:

    Seriously that was not funny on TV why the hell would I find that funny on the internet?

  22. Sammy10599 says:

    i did laugh lol

  23. zito095 says:

    1:03 looks like my cat, but maybe a little more stupid than this 😛

  24. HyperVegitoDBZ says:

    0:40 SPider man!

  25. japaniseanimialover1 says:

    cant stop laughing