Rat loves cat!

Rat loves cat… cat tolerates rat. A really cute interspecies relationship 🙂 My rat, Peanut, follows Ranj around everywhere! She gives him kisses and hugs. THANKS FOR THE FEATURE YOUTUBE EDITORS!!! 🙂 Music: “Sock Hop” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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  1. tytytyyyy says:


  2. moritosinnya says:


  3. stillBKM says:


  4. marco118120 says:

    cats are crazy

  5. Silvermoon9876 says:

    I love it i have a rat of my own but when she gets near my cat it gets ugly…….. for the cat any way

  6. angryface29 says:

    hahahhaahahaha the cat just looks annoyed

  7. deb90566 says:

    CAT: ‘This totally goes against my natural instincts…”

  8. launterluvr says:

    1:16 … look ter hugging!

  9. RCHSwackness says:

    ahaha sooo cute

  10. AgApE010 says:

    Natural selection fail.

  11. Counseloration says:

    at 38, the cat finally gives in and shows some affections by licking the rat. What does the rat do? she walks away, naturally. So typical of a female!

  12. 6BMXER9 says:

    what is the cats name. i mean beacauce i have a cat named tiger and he looks like him

  13. virginie88 says:

    You must have raised them together, right ? ^^ Mine are not like that. They would all eat my rat xD

  14. lilithm00n says:

    the rat say
    ” oh my god, I cant believe, you and me now are friends, FOREVER”

  15. missbrown3y3s says:

    cute…my cat would have ate the rat

  16. 21sraj says:

    Rats: wait we need to know your name!
    Cat: whatever!!!!
    Rats: Are you a real cat, Omg yes he is I just need to touch him.
    Cat: Alright, now get away
    Rats: I cant….. need to feel more

  17. thehammies4621 says:

    awwwww sooo cuteeee <333

  18. cdnavarre says:

    becarreful man dont believe the cat IOI

  19. Ryboy1381 says:

    They should mate and have little rat kittens

  20. xoxkittykoon says:


  21. annagong963 says:

    i didn’t know rats could jump that high

  22. max1511 says:

    omg…how u can keep rats in ur home…!!

  23. richardfuck says:

    maybe the rat has toxo plasmosis

  24. kalloused says:

    @max1511 rats are some of the best pets in the world!

  25. BPavlovitj says:

    is that rat traing to eat a cat or what lol

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