Overprotective Pug – Funny!

Sadie, my sister’s overprotective pug, doesn’t want anyone to touch HER pizza boxes. I’ve never seen a pug thats this territorial, especially since she just randomly decided that those pizza boxes belonged to her! I love you Sadie! I hope everyone likes the video!

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  1. koala8 says:

    some dogs really love pizza…

  2. mickeyshasher says:

    ha ha ha!! awesome!! my pug protects his teddy bear… but pizza box’s!! awesome!

  3. attractivision says:

    @jetwhite well thanks! haha

  4. shooolater says:

    i like pugs. Mine is named Wrinkles

  5. gypsydreamer09 says:

    lol the other dogs that are siting up on the couch is like, “no way we’re going down THERE! if she does that 2 the humans, then we don’t want 2 find out what she does 2 us!” lol

  6. ericq1090 says:

    holy shit! my pug is named sadie too 🙂

  7. internetnerds4 says:

    that is amazinlgly adorable! i have 1 little black puggy bear. shes a girl! this is outstandingly hilarious!

  8. shxxx82 says:

    lol so the pug is the boss??? haha good work 😉 good for you u have no real dog…

  9. palatena says:

    dude, that dog is fucking evil!!!

  10. poopaholictar says:

    Pugs can never scare someone b/c when their happy their cute, when their violent still cute

  11. willowbranwen says:

    There is nothing like a pug! Personality plus! Thank you so much for sharing this. I was having a bad day and when I do, I always Youtube pugs and this is the one that put a smile back on my dial! I am right to fight another day now! Thank you!

  12. uzumakin009 says:

    stupid video ,stupid dog , stupid man

  13. Themrspopstarsinger says:

    that pug seems to be enjoying this because its tail is wagging lol!!!i hav a adorable pug of my own…

  14. supitcha91 says:

    OMG The guy in video is so “HOT”!

  15. jEsUsLoVeSmE87 says:

    @jetwhite lol i agree

  16. ilovejesse43 says:

    That has got to be the cutest/funniest thing I’ve seen a pug do!! Looks like something mine would do, lol!! Love the other two just sitting there…hilarious!

  17. sigfried211 says:

    freak u!

  18. Laisfranzon says:

    So adorable, she is very smart, loved it!
    hey, guy who picked the pug, could you please give one those pugs to me? here in Brazil, is not easy to find this cute dog!! ): hahaha just kidding!
    but, you’re so handsome! *-* hehe

  19. onoaptelunga says:

    I was expecting to see a fierce dog but she’s not scary she’s cute

  20. kraziishae says:

    The Pugs r so cute there the best dog ever!!!!!!!!!

  21. alexjit says:

    makes me wanna buy a pug lol

  22. xbox720ify says:

    The pug will not give Pizza to the 9 people who disliked this vid
    (pug powers0_o

  23. Poojauppal says:

    omg he is!

  24. NeitherSavageNorWise says:

    lol! funny – thx for posting, makes me wanna pug. looks like she just woke up one morning and was like, “my pizza boxes”

  25. 9mmSpittin says:

    @kraziishae no no no rottweilers and pitbulls r the best dogs ever pugs r gay and more for family fun

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