They’re Everywhere! – Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund

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Help prevent unwanted pet births by donating on your income tax form to the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund.

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  1. ccherrington22 says:

    Hilarious video, and for a great cause! I especially liked the dogs running down the hall at the end!

  2. jwiencek01 says:

    Awesome vid! I especially like the scruffy white dog.. she SHOULD get a raise. hehe

  3. carolbschultz says:

    way to go Colorado. leading the way to limit this problem.

  4. XxXUndeadLenoreXxX says:

    The kittens were so cute! The video was funny, I actually do volunteer at an animal shelter and thats how I heard about this video.

  5. jrice2772 says:

    Great video! Getting the word out there….

  6. alienlovesong says:

    LOVE IT!

  7. 56sclemen says:

    This video is absolutely stunning! You guys have hit the mark.

  8. tersmith2 says:

    Ha! That was funny. I loved when the woman opens the cupboard and it’s full of kittens! Cute, but gets the point across!