The Funniest Dog Costumes for Halloween – Your Pet News

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  1. ILikePiexD101 says:

    lol xd at 1:51

  2. illcraponyou51 says:

    see how all the dogs mouthes r open? that means there hot. take their costume ofFF!!!!! they dont like it!!!

  3. strixt says:

    That is completely incorrect. Dogs mouths are open a lot when they are happy/excited, when they like the attention around them. And how would you know that dogs don’t like them? Are you a mind reader? No. Don’t guess at things of which you have no understanding.

  4. illcraponyou51 says:

    o really? r u a vet? wen ur dogs mouth is open give it water. it’ll start drinking water lik crazy.

  5. alorena says:

    hahaha…if this were true…my dog must be thirsty every second of the day….funny how he’s not though!

  6. Tennispup64 says:

    i love the second one! sooo cute!

  7. Hawiianwaterflower14 says:

    1:51 omg looks so real!!!

  8. ashdon112 says:

    your should searsly change ur user name or get a nerw acount ~shakes head~

  9. ashdon112 says:

    for halloween my yellow lab fisher is going to dress up as a shark and my dads going to ~safely~ connect his fishing pole to the dogs coller or costume and dress up in his fishing wear. x3 going to be fun

  10. illcraponyou51 says:

    i bet u never gave ur dog water so u dont know.

  11. DarthKaiden says:

    gayest version of Ghostbusters ever + this video blows

  12. tittiprincipessine says:

    very funny
    hey guys look my video my little maltese is dressed for halloween happy halloween

  13. florbor007 says:

    yes, that’s true

  14. lajaula1976 says:

    estan chingones los disfraces en especial el de hanibal lecter…

  15. tinyclo says:

    1:01 is jooookkkkee

  16. 1324boba says:

    cute and funny


  17. MrMalcolm1998 says:

    That is a cute dog.
    Check out my videos.

  18. EvansSpork says:

    all these dogs look super pissed

  19. badass5993 says:

    LMFAO!!! 1:26 iz AWESOME

  20. HauntedHouseStudios says:

    hahahahahaha 0:19 hahahahahaha

  21. black4pienus says:

    lmao! the happymeal…. wahahahaha

  22. wetfoot10 says:

    these r so funny happpy halloween didnt know there was so many sog costumes

  23. gastoncerda says:

    1:53 simply amazing/creative. love it

  24. xXDyingDarknessXx says:

    GAHAHAHAAAA!!! this is hilariousss

  25. pipi1145 says: