Funny Animals

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Funny Animals

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  1. Tf2man9 says:

    What a delightful video..

  2. mrjeff316 says:

    monkey horse riding was awesome..

  3. XxLosedAllmostAll says:

    XD OMG

  4. coockysnack12 says:

    LMAO!!!!! How cuuuuuuuuteeeeeeee!!!! The last one of the hamster!!! OMG!!! *o*

  5. Bcroft39 says:

    The dog at 30 to 33 cracked me up

  6. katylee2010 says:

    cute, so funny

  7. moonwalk010 says:

    name your favorite animals in my channel and you will get FREE Sub and friend invite..NOT A JOKE.. name more than 4 beoches!! or just comment on my second vid for a FREE SUB

  8. The2muchskittles says:

    animals have 3 reasons to live
    1: to feed them
    2:to take care of them,

  9. Kyubifan91 says:

    And who said that dogs dont climp up to tree.

  10. Kyubifan91 says:

    And who said dogs dont climp up to tree.

  11. netstormuk says:

    @coockysnack12 – That was a guinea pig not a hamster 😛

  12. coockysnack12 says:

    Oh, yeah, sorry, it’s a guinea pig, not a hamster. My bad:D

  13. Huffelmytter says:


  14. mslian25 says:

    1:06 LOOOOL! hahaa

  15. sivapoornan says:

    superb n fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. MsSuperWonderful says:

    HAHAH Aww <3 So cuuute! <'333 HAHA

  17. TipsyBatman5TB says:

    wow i actually lol’ld

  18. monrosefan9422 says:

    lol 😀

  19. ThePaulik says:

    funny guinea pig

  20. malamuteHUSKYperson says:

    @The2muchskittles wrong

  21. jesseloor1975 says:

    that dog was climb a tree but i thought that cant climb tree.i’m so cunfuzed now. was that real or fake

  22. palaciosc491 says:

    i love the vid

  23. supermaximo15 says:


  24. Javi5551 says:

    climbing dog!!!!!!!!

  25. POPOKILLA1000 says:

    @The2muchskittles u hav been eating to many skittlz havent u… lol jkjk