Cat Health Care Tips : How to Tell if a Cat Is Pregnant

To tell if a cat is pregnant, observe the growth of her abdomen and her eating habits. Determine if a cat is pregnant with tips from a veterinarian in this free video on pet care. Expert: Dr. James Talbott Bio: Dr. James R. Talbott is a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

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  1. ErinHodges says:

    yea are u able to answer me something…my cat is pregnant and we took her to the vet and it been about 1 1/2 months but she hasnt developed nipples fit for feeding? whats wrong

  2. rose1234433 says:

    if they have not develope they will when the babys are bron

  3. doublethedumb101 says:

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  4. MistyHollowDrummer says:

    My cat has all signs of pregnency, but she eats like a pig sense the day we found her, and always has been fat. Plus she has a problem being pet. You could be petting her and the next thing you know, your bleeding. I have tested her and it seems to bug her nere the belly and back. I don’t know if it’s becuase she is pregnent or has been abused. Can you help me.

  5. kayawithpig says:

    my cat is definitely pregnant, and she is VERY protective of her stomach areas, especially near visible kitten bumps, and is VERY VERY VERY protective of her underside, because it is the most vulnerable spot. She should be due next week.

  6. MistyHollowDrummer says:

    your right. She had kittens 3 weeks ago. And a one of them (Smokey) died yesterday. My mom acidently stepped on his hed and broke his neck. She went bezerk. I am so glad I’m homeschool or my mom would of flipped. The vet. said that the kitten didn’t feel a thing it happend so fast. Yah so we no have 5 kittens left, Snapper, Lucy, Wall-E, Oddball, and Hooch. And Hooch is smokey’s twin. But she’s blind and premature. I have talked way to much.

  7. kayawithpig says:

    she had kittens on the 23rd! She had SEVEN! Although one was born with an open spine, and died tuesday during the night, and I found one other dead under my bed ( where she has the kittens) but I don’t know the cause of death. I guess it is better though, because six kittens would have still been too many to nurse. The other five are doing great. We have only named one, the first born, cow.

    Looks like we both have five kittens left!

  8. MistyHollowDrummer says:

    The 23rd of March. I feel so bad for the kittens who died. Phantom is much happier to be not pregnent. But now that we have the kittens, Phantom wants more attention. My mom says if we move back to Cali. the kittens and Phantom have to go. Would you like ??? Y_Y

  9. debbyryanfan3000 says:

    has she had them yet?:)

  10. criticaboutvids says:

    noobvillage this didnt tell me shit.
    i wanted to know how to know if a cat is pregnant and he tells me ask a vetenarian

  11. SharinganKakashi231 says:

    this stray cat had 4 kittens in my back yard i want to tame them but its hard and i need to find really good homes 4 them and one looks sick but i cant grab him i hope hes ok

  12. wattzittuyya says:

    my cat is like 3 or 4 months old( i dont know cuz i just adopted her on the street and ive been keeping her for 3 months now)i see her belly is getting big and then will get small after a few days and over and over again but shes protective to her belly she doesnt like her belly to be touched how will i know if shes preggy?

  13. PinkRose169 says:

    Same, whenever I touch my cat near her sides she gives a big jump and her claws come out. Good luck with your cat 🙂

  14. PinkRose169 says:

    Same thing with my cat, its probably pregnant.

  15. satchelllucy says:

    @wattzittuyya look under her belly if possible (maybe wen she’s asleep) if her nipples are darker pink and more swollen then usuale then she is probably pregnant. also look out for walnut sized shapes and nesting behavoir hope this helps.

  16. shalenaiscool says:

    my cats meowing contenuaslly and she can hardley walk, she cant really sit and im REALLY worried about her, SOMEONE GIVE ME TIPS PLEASE I NEED SOME HELP IM REALLY WORRIED ABOUT MY CAT

  17. ianozgod says:

    shalenaiscool. it is a cat, they are indipendant animals, if you are that worried about your cat then take her to the vets.

  18. yousuck4559 says:

    @MistyHollowDrummer fail that sucks tho our cat might get pregent shes so small and she might die :/

  19. MAGGIElover1999 says:

    My Cat Maggie is Pregnant!

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