Pet Owner Look Alike Funny Dog Show – Dandie Dinmont Terrier

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This was filmed back in August 2006 during the build up to the annual Look Alike contest at the big Wag & Bone dog show held in Windsor Great Park, England. Crosby, my faithful Dandie Dinmont Terrier and I had recently received the devastating news that we had been officially banned from entering the Look Alike contest because we just look too much like each other! Our banning received massive publicity and the very nice and good humored orgnisers, (who had banned us as a bit of fun), decided to make Crosby and I the celebrity judges for the event instead! So it had a happy ending after all. The standard of entry was exceptionally high and we had the largest entry of Look Alikes ever at the Wag & Bone show, almost any one of them could have been winners, but in the end we had to make the difficult final choices. We put Buzz the Motorbiking Sheltie and his slightly mad owner in Third place because they had such great attitudes. My second place winner and her Afghan were just so much alike they very nearly won the event, but eventually my final decision, and it was tough, went to Hillary Powell and Millie her rascal of a Welsh Terrier! This short was one of several promotional films made to promote the Animal Planet Channel in Europe and was screened right across Europe and North Africa for over a year and gave great exposure to Crosby my Dandie Dinmont Doppelganger! If anything, I think we are growing even more alike as we both get older, take a look at my profile photo

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  1. marleywatt says:

    thats really funny

  2. livvy1o1 says:


  3. livvy1o1 says:

    was that the cod wet nose show??

  4. CanineArtConnections says:

    No – the 2006 Wag & Bone show, full details in the info section for this ite,

  5. Holterhaus says:

    just moved new area

    great vid nX

  6. NativeLights12 says:

    Whats the music called?