Funny Pet News #9 – Camel Wants a Hump, Pussycat Mauls

Watch as Laura Valpey and Beth Hoyt bring you REAL pet news that proves the truth is stranger than fiction. This episode: Pennsylvania Gator Wrestling A Sloth on the Loose A Camel Wants a Hump Virtual Pet Love One Terrifying Tarantula A Klepto Primate Pussycat Mauls And, introducing Alex Decaneas as Dash Douglas!

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  1. Namhisarc says:

    Wow, that made me smile ^^ Hehe, this was the first one I saw, but I’ll probably go back and see the old ones =3 Very good! Very entertaining!

  2. comickitty says:

    So interesting. I loved it, except for the sad part. Great job.

  3. zweisteinJ says:

    hilarious xD

  4. rudolph502 says:

    wayyy to funny lol

  5. schausbergerpeter says:

    i like zootoovid

    you make good stuff

    one question: which videocut program do you use

  6. shonnah123 says:

    i loved this video thanks for sending this video to me!

  7. jmark50 says:

    funny and professional!

  8. zootoovid says:

    Glad you like it. We use Final Cut Pro.

  9. BonesRodriguez says:

    That Laura Valpey SURE is cute!!

  10. YAWHATEVER7 says:

    great video!

  11. AdamSonofLars says:

    Virtual reality dog sjow? Ohmahgawd! The real thing is too exciting for me, so I’m glad there is this alternative.
    The Russian monkey one was great. Putin will be keeping his eye on that mokey’s call logs for sure.

  12. johnnytzito says:

    Love the new addition of Dash Douglas!!!

  13. samturich says:

    Love it – Love Laura Valpey and love that Dash.

  14. teenwolf1982 says:

    that ending was hilarious, and surprisingly well acted. like this one the best! ah-ouuuuuuuuu!!!

  15. teenwolf1982 says:

    p.s. is beth single? ah-ouuuu!!!

  16. thebizchazlien says:

    Ha!ha! That was totally HILARIOUS and cool! I am already checking out more episodes of this show and like it quite a bit! Great job people!!!

  17. tonic11 says:

    Yes, great job…looks very professional.. some local TV station haven’t so great background and editing

  18. Narunila says:

    LMAO Thank you for sending me this 😀 ITS SO AWESOME!!!!! *huggs* XD Evil cat…*shuts ringers off on all phones* Hope my cat doesnt do that O_O”

  19. Anticyclonic says:

    LOL, now this is funny. Consider me subscribed. 5 stars.

  20. LionIsa says:

    So funnnnnnny ! .. great job on this !

  21. jglaser333 says:

    I love your stuff!


  22. Kael555 says:

    LOL 2:49 was hillarious XD

  23. sosoyohyoh says:

    lmao, “i don’t speak Russian”

  24. 12DJoneill says:



  25. doghog1997 says:

    that britny spears joke i think it was funny my mom thinks it was mean because she played at her wedding

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