Cat Health : How To Keep a Cat From Eating House Plants

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To keep a cat from eating house plants, consider switching to fake plants that will not harm the animal, place the plants out of reach of the cat, or spray the plants with a bitter apple cat deterrent solution. Find ways to keep both the cat and the house plant safe with pet tips andadvice from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on cat health. Expert: Carrie Burhenn Contact: Bio: Dr. Carrie Burhenn is a full-time veterinarian who received her degree in veterinary medicine from Oregon State University in 1990. Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson

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  1. munkysquared says:

    Well I do not want silk flowers or I would not have them…. I get the chili/water combo. but that is the only real suggestion here besides ,moving the plants not just not having them.