Dog Health Treatment & Advice : How to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Spaying or neutering a pet, which helps in the pet overpopulation crisis in the country, involves visiting a veterinarian to set up an appointment for surgery when the animal is around 6 months of age. Get a dog or cat spayed or neutered to prevent reproduction, prevent certain medical problems and deter bad behavior withhealth information from a veterinarian in this free video on pet care. Expert: Dr. Aimee Beger Bio: Dr. Aimee Beger works for McClintock Animal Care Center in Tempe, Ariz. Filmmaker: Ryan Quinn

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  1. Dogsneedpleasuretoo says:

    For people thinking in spaying or neutering dogs.

    -If you don’t want a sexual pet, get a plant.

    -If you want to prevent prostate problems, masturbate your dog.

    -If you want to stop unwanted litters give your stud a VASECTOMY.

    -Neutered dogs still runs away, be responsible owner.

    -Also spaying and neutering increase chances of other deadly cancers, and not all the mammal cancers are deadly.

    -Also spaying causes urinary incontinence.

    If something sounds too good, be suspicious of it.

  2. Dwaithy says:

    “Better health. A dog that is spayed or neutered has no chance of developing uterine or testicular cancer; in females, the risk of breast cancer and urinary infections is drastically reduced. Reproductive cancers are common among older dogs that have been bred.”

    Veterinarians, humanesociety, aspca, and pretty much any group that knows what they are talking about disagree. Nuff said dogfucker.

  3. Dogsneedpleasuretoo says:


    You stalking me or something?

    Sorry that you have only been told the benefits about S/N and not the risks, also many vets will lie and tell only the benefits to make a sale.

    You can read more about S/N benefits and risk if you google it.

    Or if you lazy read this link

    stop-msn . com/dangers . html

  4. Dwaithy says:

    I am sure there are some dangers. But if it really was more detrimental than beneficial, then the Veterinarians and every animal health organization out there, wouldn’t be pushing for it. I know you would like everyone to jerk their dog off, or fuck it, but that is no excuse to let your dog develop breast cancer, and have millions of stray dogs dying from starvation. All because you are a pervert. Sorry but you are wrong, as usual

  5. Dogsneedpleasuretoo says:

    Neuter on male dogs it’s done just because vets get money, also you can always give them a vasectomy. With females I’m sure you can check her for breast cancer, and do biopsies and remove the bad cancers (like we do on humans) also you can cut the tubes so she can’t breed.

    The millions of stray dogs dying from starvation is the problem of the irresponsible owners. Dogs are not to blame…

    PS: read my comment in your channel I have been against N/S before I was zoosexual.

  6. Dwaithy says:

    Yes, irresponsible owners, who don’t spay and neuter their pets. I never said it was the dogs fault. Dog’s don’t know any better, we do, we are supposed to take care of them! You can jerk your dog off all day but if there is a bitch in heat, and he gets out, which does happen sometimes, responsible or not, he’s going straight for her. The only time your shouldn’t S/N is if you are a dog breeder. In which case, you don’t want your bitch getting pregnant from a mutt. People like you are to blame

  7. Dogsneedpleasuretoo says:


    Yes the human is supposed to watch them so they don’t reproduce (not cut their genitals because they don’t have the time to take proper care of them), if some one is irresponsible to not watch the dog they should not have dogs in the first place, also in case off a breeding accident theres pills to avoid the pregnancy.

    I would never let my dog breed if I don’t get homes for the puppies first. I’m responsible owner, more than most people because my dogs are intact and have more needs.

  8. Dwaithy says:

    Your view on this is obviously skewed due to your sexual attraction to animals. That is why most people don’t agree with you. That is why zoosexuals are the only ones who don’t get their animals s/n. That is why your argument fails. But you will refuse to see reason, because your are self deluded. So there is no point in continuing this conversation. You will continue to be the minority that is wrong but thinks they are right, and who goes against the experts. You sound just like crazy kobi

  9. Dogsneedpleasuretoo says:


    Dude I already toll you I have had dogs all my life I deal with N/S before I was attracted sexually to them, and I never liked the idea of S/N.

    My 3 dog was not spayed because we didn’t want to do that to her. (before I was zoosexual)

    Look around the web a lot of people are against N/S or you think all of them are zoosexuals with a secret agenda? Is not just my argument is other people arguments.

    You fail to see the truth again.

  10. Dwaithy says:

    Before you were zoosexual? I thought bestiality was like homosexuality. As long back as i can remember I have always been gay XD One day I accepted it, but I was always attracted to men. So you just proved that it isnt like homosexuality, it is just a fetichm not sexuality.

  11. Dogsneedpleasuretoo says:


    I was attracted to dogs in a non-sexual way till I reach puberty where I was attracted sexually.

    You don’t see prepubescent children sexually attracted to people.

    I was anti-neutering before I have sexual desires for dogs.

    You would love to find I’m wrong in something, well good luck, I don’t make many mistakes.

  12. jrocjams says:

    @Dogsneedpleasuretoo hey buddy i think im with you…i have a 9 month old golden and he is the happiest dog on the block.. im worried that if i get him cliped he wont produce male hormones and that might effect his quality of men a low testosterone count has some very bad effects. as well as a increase in other illnesess..any thoughts advice?

  13. jrocjams says:

    @Dogsneedpleasuretoo lol yer fucking with these guys right? you dont actually have a fetish for dogs? do you?

  14. Dogsneedpleasuretoo says:

    And not joking, and will answer you in a PM.


  1. Dodson says:


    Dog Health Treatment & Advice : How to Spay or Neuter Your Pet | Treaschwig Veterinary Clinic…

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