ace ventura pet detective funny scenes montage tribute PART2


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  1. TheNinja653 says:

    lmoa i love you jim

  2. forresterson says:

    i love the music start at 1:19 😀

  3. forresterson says:

    “snowflake.. i got little snack for ya… (sharks come) AAAAAAA!!!!”

    i love the way he scream at 3:11 XD

  4. Sslifer01 says:

    3:06, 8:12 Best moments 😉

  5. CrocbaitZX says:

    indeed, Jim Carrey is the funniest Actor in the entire Universe

  6. CrocbaitZX says:

    1:17-2:23 freaking funny!
    Well if ye Sneak like he does… do ye think people don’t see ye?

  7. AAAHeavy says:

    Epic wallclimbing 🙂

  8. Ghosty2142 says:

    lol 5:26 to 6:04 is hilarious.

  9. md1980s says:


  10. derekgornall says:

    i like how these tributes are basicly from every scene in the movie, makes sence because this is absolutely THE funniest video in existence!!

  11. XxRandomxNamexX says:

    1:30 I couldnt stop laughing! XD

  12. Hellcome2play says:

    i never understood y in was never allowed to watch that last scene but now i do lol

  13. Bibushka66 says:

    3:27 to 3:39 ONLY TO SAY LOOOOL!!!! XDDDD

  14. MrDeCorey says:

    This is a classic Movie!!!!!!
    I love Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

  15. brt312 says:


  16. mybigtoe9421 says:

    2:27 Gravy

  17. JeremyB1039 says:

    Best funny movei!!!

  18. cooldude0308 says:

    The gay guy in the bathroom LOL

  19. EdgyXD says:

    I wonder how they got through this whole movie, it must have taken forever!
    Jim Carrey is hilarious, how can he himself keep a straight face?!

  20. shadowflower93 says:

    Jim Carrey was a cutie lol

  21. MeIsSoAwsom says:

    “its not snowflake its not snowflake”

  22. pixelator30 says:

    Part 2 does not continue Part 1. The heavy metal scene is my fav, and it is cut end of Part 1. too bad

  23. tunny2000 says:

    My dream man.

  24. tunny2000 says:

    @Hellcome2play Yeah.. me too! Hahaha

  25. joepescifromcasino says:

    just the first 30 seconds already has u dying of laughter

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