ace ventura pet detective funny scenes montage tribute PART1


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  1. Tatemo1 says:

    thats carnal decay at the end…..

  2. sesrunner08 says:

    you know I think this whole entire movie is just fucking funny

  3. LAZARATHalive says:

    ohh for the love of pete…people are real friendly around here – hahaha

  4. emz33 says:

    All you did was cut out the filler ;3 I love these movies SO much xD They make you laught the whole time till it hurts.

  5. l33tpete says:

    Kiss and make up!

  6. DowneyGirlForLIFE says:

    Jim Carrey cracks me up lol! Those faces 0:40 + hahahahahhahahah I love him 🙂 I watched this at my grandmas and i was like what on earth is he doing with that box?! Is that a pet inside?! Oh its glass… Hahahaha 🙂

  7. xBlazzer420x says:

    “warning! assholes are closer than they appear” lol!

  8. CrocbaitZX says:

    i Love Ace Ventura, he is freaking funny! GO JIM CARREY GO!

  9. scylla288 says:

    I’d like ASS you a few questions!!!! LOOOOOL

  10. 52EN says:

    intro song?

  11. jaxl2009 says:

    Ever notice how only us guys love these movies. Chicks hate them. At least all the ones I know.

  12. derekgornall says:

    ooh yeah…the BITCH! ahahaha my fave part in Ace Ventura!!!!

  13. dancagurli says:

    @jaxl2009 I absolutely 150% LOVE this movie! and I’m a girl. Who are you hanging out with?

  14. jaxl2009 says:

    @dancagurli The wrong girls apparently. 😉

  15. SuperDaLINKwent says:

    real friendly around here!haha

  16. dancagurli says:

    @jaxl2009 *blushes*

  17. emptyusernamespace says:

    311 is my adress too.

  18. rogernator5000 says:


  19. tinfold says:

    i wanna say that to a girl just like that hahaha
    GEE let me think, um-sure.

  20. 2021387740 says:

    Jim carey was ,is & will be the best comic actor to ever step foot on this planet.

  21. EdgyXD says:

    Genious, Jim Carrey is a genious, I love him, he is hilarious, thanks for the upload.

  22. pixelator30 says:

    Part 2 does not continue Part 1. The heavy metal scene is my fav, and it is cut end of Part 1. too bad

  23. chimera517 says:

    excuse me i like to ass you a few quetions lol

  24. RainbowSix00 says:

    @banachgiantessolr hell yeah!

  25. malakaijub says:

    if im not back in five minutes……. just wait longer

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