Introducing Puppy Care 101

Sad, but true, many puppies never live to see their first birthdays. Some succumb to infections diseases such as distemper and parvovirus, while some loose their lives due to parasites such as hookworms and heartworms. A vast majority of of the puppies are relinquished to animal shelters due to behavioral problems such as house soiling, aggression and destructive behavior.

What saddens me even more is that all of the above problems are preventable with vaccinations, parasite control and obedience training. After 30 years of practicing veterinary medicine, you would think I would eventually see a decline in the diseases, parasites and behavior problems, but alas, the truth is I have actually seen an increase in cases of distemper, parvo, heartworms and abandonment, partly due to the economy and tighter budgets and perhaps partly due to ignorance of what puppies need to survive their first year.

With the help of my internet friends who have been coaching me this last year, I have finally been able to assemble a web site geared to help solve and prevent many of these problems. Today, I am extending an invitation for you to explore my new website,

Although it is named puppy care, the dog training and health articles are great for any dog owner of any age dog. has a complete dog training course inside with helpful tips on:

  • house training
  • crate training
  • barking solutions
  • jumping up on people,
  • separation anxiety
  • submissive urination
  • walking on a leash
  • pet tricks
  • staying out of the garbage
  • eating “poop” also has information on your puppy’s health

  • vaccinations
  • parvovirus and distemper
  • parasite control
  • heartworms
  • spaying and neutering
  • pet insurance
  • dental care
  • flea and tick control
  • skin care
  • allergies

Each week more information will be added for you to read at your leisure. I am hoping to add enough material to go even beyond your puppies first year.

For the next week, I am offering a trial membership of the website. I encourage you to check it out and I will welcome any feed back of the website. I want to know what you like about it and tell me of any topics that you would like to see addressed.

Go now to and register for our free 7 day email mini-series on dog training just for visiting.

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