Dogs Love Water – Funny Pet Tricks

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Stupid animal tricks: 3 dogs swimming and performing funny stunts in a pool. Ringling Bros, here we come!

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  1. naomifredrick says:

    there all so cute the big black dog look very happy on the float

  2. staceylipe says:

    Adorable dogs you have!!! Are they labs?? I love them so much!

  3. katiepelt5 says:

    I love this video! LABS are th best dogs!
    i love all of your dogs though!!

  4. 56Stiffy says:


  5. adrianeek0086 says:

    dont put too much air on the raft thingy and the dog wont

  6. Vegetative1 says:

    My two-year-old daughter’s favorite video! She doesn’t think it’s lamm at all.

  7. aistee94 says:

    How stupid are you???

  8. 56Stiffy says:


  9. winniethepo0p says:

    WHAt song is this?So Enjoyable! PLEASE REPLY

  10. kelsy98 says:

    Love the video! Ya I love labs I have a black lab he wouldn’t be sitting and relaxing he would be playing in it. cute dogs

  11. MrYpres says:

    hahaha , no way is that dog going to give up that raft for the stupid ball

  12. lP0P says:

    Did you see my snow doggie video? Love swapping comments and ratings!

    Great channel Subbed/faved! Thanks for subbing!

  13. warrock179 says:

    My dog loves Water . All days when we are going to swim he’s the first in the water 😀

    Nice video. What song this is?

  14. yexey says:

    this dogs are ABUSSED

  15. staggs4 says:

    the music is really weird

  16. jipper69 says:

    why does he have a shirt on?

  17. ronbobathon says:

    Did gaspirtz happen to watch Belle and Sebastian as a child? Similar choice of soundtrack style-orchestral/ symphonic with melodic leader and antiphonal call and respond- very much like a kid and dog playing together- with 80s drum beats. And the story is awesome too.

  18. nycdreamvacation says:

    dog swim… cute!

  19. Balomega says:

    @warrock179 why is there always a moron that asks what the song is ….. DUH who cares enjoy the video

  20. Dalenoble08 says:

    this is alsome do u mide if i can have a dog

  21. MrCuteasaKitten says:

    This is cute!

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  22. Jamerio3D says:

    you arrogant wretched loser how dare someone enquire about a tune.

    how come the internet is always filled with unhappy miserable people like you leaving lame comments.

    Cut yourself and do us a favour.

  23. Balomega says:

    @Jamerio3D The video was about the dogs doing tricks in the water not about the music. Just enjoy the video and zip it, that will be the favor. Go play your video games and leave the real world to real people.

  24. Jamerio3D says:

    You’re a complete loser, the video was about everything in it, including the sound.

    I don’t need to insult you, I’m jsut glad that something in your life is so bad that you need to make such a big deal about someone asking the name of the tune in a song.

    The next time you’re bumming out about how bad you life is, its reasons like this.

  25. PuppyPower111 says:

    wow! what a talented dog..he seems so happy be in the pool. this would be a great entry for the swimtown pools pet video easy way to win 250$ just youtube swimtown pools pet video contest join the group and upload the video.