Funny Pet Video.

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  1. 2cute4u6 says:

    this works
    1 say who u want to be wit 5 times
    2 say friends name 5 times to ur self
    3 post on 5 videos and press f8 u will see name

  2. tubcrazed says:

    this is so funny!!lol

  3. ArmyStrong005 says:

    this 1 is funny

  4. Knet911 says:

    What is the Nickelback song at the beginning?

  5. mavious says:

    love it it si so funny

  6. Christine1029384756 says:


  7. audrey7kool says:

    this just proves that dogs are part human

  8. HorseIover123 says:


  9. jdnsgdmthr says:

    Flat On The Floor

  10. crazycookiegal says:

    LMAO!!!!! i love the part where he starts attacking his foot!!! LOL AWESOME VID!

  11. 010136936 says:

    i need someone smart to keep me entertained

    wanting new friends KZ